Education Credit – How to apply

@iThe school days are over – the career path begins. Many school leavers are out and about with a lot of euphoria when it comes to finishing their apprenticeship and earning their first own money. However, the financial situation is usually less rosy during an apprenticeship – and the money is far from sufficient to

Debt restructuring without Credit Bureau

Debt rescheduling is carried out by the customer having at least one current loan repaid and taking out a new loan. In most cases, debt rescheduling combines several current loans into a single liability. The purpose of a debt rescheduling measure is to save interest in the future. When does rescheduling make sense? A debt

Credit for kitchen – Online comparison

Today there are numerous loan offers for borrowers that convince with a free use. For this reason, they are freely available for multifunctional use. A kitchen loan should in any case be freely used, as there are usually no special ‘kitchen loans’. For the financing of a kitchen, consumer loans as well as instant and

Instant loan despite bank refusal

German credit institutions usually pay out an instant loan within two bank working days. A bank refusal is the non-approval of the loan application by a specific financial institution. Since each bank uses its own lending guidelines, the rejection of the loan application by a financial institution does not preclude another bank from paying out

Increased borrowing, less problematic credit!

This year, the volume and amount of subsidized loans increased significantly, as did market home loans, compared to the same period in 2016. According to recent surveys of the HCSO, loans were mostly applied for second-hand homes, but the number and amount of loans for new home-building and buying has also increased! Several factors influence

What do I need to access the Private Credit?

Requirements necessary to access Private Credit. DNI or NIE in force. Be over 18 years old , without age limit. Be physically and mentally qualified to acquire legal commitments .   Private credit It is always works with tangible guarantees. Exactly the guarantees that we accept are the following: Cars, motorcycles, boats, jewels, gold, silver, real