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feminaust.org was born in early 2014 in order to offer users free, objective and useful information on financial products.

What is feminaust.org and how did it come about?

Years ago the Internet user inquired, through search engines, just like today. The difference (or one of the differences) is that when you asked questions about how and where to get financing, you got results that usually led you directly to the websites of financial institutions. Obviously, once the user was inside the entity's website, there was little he could do to know the reality that exists, outside of that entity and as an alternative to it.

The real reality is that there are countless entities and intermediaries that work on this product and that, of course, knowing what each one offers and knowing if it is what we are looking for, becomes crucial information to carry out a management that ends happily .

In this way, at feminaust.org we gather what, based on our experience and knowledge of the sector, are the most outstanding financial credit products (via the internet) and which have given the best results to users in Nigeria and, depending on the case, from some other countries in the world.

Once we made this selection, which is updated very frequently, we expose them together (or separately) so that our visitors can compare and find what they are looking for. That way they don't have to stick to the first offer they find or that any entity shows them. Because that offer could be very suitable, but also a very bad choice.

Author: Percy Witherspoom Jones feminaust.org
Percy witherspoom

We observed that at that time a multitude of financial loan products began to be marketed, later known as online loans, fast loans and mini-credits, without users having many alternatives for comparison.

The team

eldinerapido.es is managed by the expert company in internet products FemiNaust Loans Ltd (B52537529).

Some of the parts of the website have been made by other companies or specialized collaborators, but most of the creators of the content, comparisons, design and strategy are:

Why we?

  • Because we only compare between the most prominent brands.
  • Because you can save up to 40% by comparing.
  • Because we have been comparing financial products for years and you can take advantage of our experience.
  • Because using feminaust.org has no cost and no product that you find here will have the slightest surcharge due to the fact that it came from our website.
  • Because we are constantly updating information and we are a reliable and honest source.

What financial products does feminaust.org compare?

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