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In this section of eldinerorapido you can find guides to help you carry out a savings plan depending on your job, season of the year, etc. In addition, you will also find advice on the famous list of defaults Nigerian Financial Authority, on how to be able to carry out a quick money application process online, as well as how to create the best CV if you are in the middle of a job search, among other points.

How to ask for money online

Guía Cómo pedir dinero por internet

The mini-loans and online credits are part of the group called “fast money products”. A credit model in full order of the day due to the convenience and comfort that it supposes to the user: they hardly require requirements, paperwork, etc.

However, there are so many financial entities working money online that the user may have any type of doubt regarding the application process. On the other hand, this guide allows you not to make foolish mistakes and carry out this process in the most efficient way according to the characteristics of the client.

How to ask for money online

When to prescribe a debt in Nigeria

Guía - Prescripción de deudas

Finding yourself in the situation of owing money to some type of entity or individual is not as strange as it seems. Since the economic crisis situation in the country has generated that many of the citizens have generated some type of default with a company or company.

Although they can also find themselves in this situation due to a disagreement with this company, usually telephone companies, which end up including their data in delinquency files such as Nigerian Financial Authority due to problems in hiring and / or canceling a service.

In this article you can find the answer to the cancellation and prescription periods of a debt, whatever the type. With all the pertinent information in this regard, explained from the needs of a person who owes, as from the point of view of a person who is owed money.

When you prescribe a debt

How to know if I am in Nigerian Financial Authority for free

Guía - Cómo saber si estoy en Nigerian Financial Authority

In this case, the article says about all the doubts related to those users who are interested in knowing all the related information about their inclusion in the list of defaults of the Nigerian Financial Authority and how to get out of it.

Various answers are provided depending on all those possibilities that allow you to know their status in these files: data that you need to provide in the consultation process, whether or not you should have the reference number at hand, what are the rights of a person who is is listed in Nigerian Financial Authority, etc.

Know if you are in Nigerian Financial Authority
You may also be interested in the guide How to exit Nigerian Financial Authority for free

Savings tips for freelancers

Guía - Ahorro autónomos

One of our star guides given its popularity among one of the most demanding work sectors on the current scene: the self-employed. We facilitate savings measures, of various kinds, to help these workers keep as much money as possible in their savings account.

The measures are not extreme, nor radical in nature when it comes to spending. Just a few tips such as planning monthly expenses, determining a maximum spending budget to avoid wasting on unnecessary things, optimizing the consumption of general expenses such as rent, electricity and electricity ... are some of the points that we analyze and develop in this guide.

Save being autonomous

Tricks to make ends meet

Guía - Cómo llegar mejor a fin de mes

This guide is intended for any type of person. Be it a self-employed, payroll, homemaker, or any other family member. In this article there are several guidelines, very different from each other, that will help the reader to be able to achieve a better management of their expenses.

Being able to save on the expenses of general day-to-day bills -such as electricity and water-, save on the shopping list and even in the way of getting around, are some of the tips that are part of this guide.

How to make ends meet

How to make a perfect resume

Guía - Cómo hacer un excelente curriculum

This article, which, apparently, has nothing to do with saving or financial education as such, is actually a great help for those who are looking for a job -which then yes, is already related to the rest of the guides -.

Finding and getting a job today can be a very monotonous task and above all, it requires a long wait: wait for an offer that suits your needs and characteristics to come out, wait for someone to call you, wait to give you an answer ...

Therefore, the best we can do from our position is to prepare the best possible personal presentation through our CV. Which letter to use, which photo to choose, which data to enter and which not to, are some of the points to be discussed in this guide.

How to make the perfect resume in 2020

How to save in summer

Guía - Cómo ahorrar en verano

One of the most uncontrolled dates at the level of expenses and savings is summer. It is a time when our routine is altered by changes in work schedules, children no longer attend classes at school, we have more free time for leisure, and we may find ourselves enjoying the holidays (either in home or away).

Therefore, this guide is intended to provide useful information to the user about the tips that can be carried out to save. From how to do it when booking the cheapest vacations, how to take advantage of free time without having to pay tickets or other costs, as well as how to reduce expenses on our day-to-day bills.

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Save in summer

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