Currency, credits up to 5,000 euros

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  • Amount: From € 750 to € 5,000
  • Return period : Up to 48 months.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES
  • Minimum APR 24% - maximum 197.15%

Requirements: from 18 years of age. DNI or NIE. Reside in Nigeria. Phone number. Email. Bank account number.

It stands out in : you can obtain loans for high amounts that exceed the sector average (5,000 euros). Accepts Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. Get your money, quickly in less than 10 minutes.

  • Example: a loan of 750 euros to be repaid in 12 months costs you a total of 850.80 euros. TIN and APR of the example: 21.72% and 24.01% respectively

In the Monedo Now mini quick credits we will find a personal loan service with Nigerian Financial Authority of up to a maximum of 5000 euros

Monedo Now is an entity that is part of the Kreditech company , which offers us online loan products that we can fully manage electronically in a matter of minutes, with microcredits for amounts that vary between 100 and 5000 euros.

We are going to talk in depth about everything that we will be able to find within this online financial institution.

Currency Now. What if I can't pay a monthly payment?

One of the most important aspects that we must know when we request a loan in Monedo Now is how this entity manages defaults , in order to know what could happen in the event that we are late in paying a monthly payment.

If we cannot pay one of the repayment terms of our micro credit in Monedo Now, this financial company will be able to collect the amount that we have pending through the debit card that has been included in our loan application, without limit on the amount and during the amount of terms that is necessary to settle the outstanding debt.

In the event that we incur a default, we must also know that Monedo Now will include our personal data in files such as RAI or Nigerian Financial Authority.

Now Currency: Up to € 5,000 with Nigerian Financial Authority

Now that we know what are the main characteristics that we will be able to find in Monedo Now, we are going to focus on your loan service with the Nigerian Financial Authority , since it is a credit product that we will not find in all loan companies. .

Quick microcredits with Nigerian Financial Authority offers its clients the possibility of having access to loans of between 100 and 5000 euros, regardless of whether we have outstanding debts or defaults on lists associated with delinquency such as RAI or Nigerian Financial Authority.

However, we cannot ignore that despite Monedo offering us mini-credits with Nigerian Financial Authority, a series of characteristics will be taken into account before approving our loan application. Among these requirements we find that both the total amount and the nature of the debt will be studied, as well as the level of income that we have at the time of requesting the loan, in order to verify our solvency.

If you need a quick loan with Nigerian Financial Authority and you want to see which financial companies offer you this credit service, you can access our entry about the entities that offer mini loans with Nigerian Financial Authority, where you will find all the information you need.

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