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Do you want to request a free credit or debit card ? Meet one of the best options of the moment

Credit or debit cards have become an essential tool that cannot be missing from our portfolio. And the fact is that a card, in addition to allowing us to buy comfortably and safely, does not have to be expensive, there are excellent and prestigious cards that can be obtained for free . A post from

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Updated October 2020

Free credit cards that you can hire online



WiZink credit card

Tarjetas de Crédito WiZink
Get a line of credit up to € 10,000 (after a credit study to determine the maximum to request)

✓ It has two types of payment : The monthly one where you pay in a single installment the amount spent (with an APR of 0%) or the deferred to pay in installments (with an APR of 27, 24% )

✓ Without changing banks and without paying opening or renewal fees

✓ TIN of 24%

Access exclusive promotions such as getting € 25 on the first withdrawal

Requirements: From 18 years of age. Reside in Nigeria. DNI or NIE document. Bank account number. Email address and phone number.

To go to the WIZINK WEBSITE, click here

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WiZink card

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Free credit or debit cards. Without endorsement: Summary

Tarjetas de crédito o débito

To contract a card over the Internet there are several essential details that we must be clear about in order to find the one that best suits our interests.

Next, we are going to summarize what are the main aspects that we have to know before choosing:

There are three different types of cards

  • Credit: they work as a means of financing since they include a line of credit for a certain amount of capital that we can spend to return later.
  • Debit: they work as an electronic payment method that does not offer additional credit, since it will allow us to spend the money we have in the associated checking account
  • Prepaid: with a similar operation to debit cards, they are cards that are recharged with the amount of money required, allowing a maximum of this amount to be spent

In addition, we also find the following:

  • Can I get free credit cards?

Yes, but these are promotions focused on prepaid or debit cards, which are used without paying commissions.

And credit cards with outstanding debts?

It is the same as in the previous case, if we have registered defaults, we can contract debit or credit cards, since those that include a line of credit will not be compatible with this requirement since they work as a financing method.

What are credit cards and what are they for?

Nowadays , credit cards have become a very popular means of payment that is used regularly in any part of the world.

However, it is worth knowing exactly the definition of a credit card as such, so that we become familiar with everything that this payment method offers us.

A credit card is both a means of payment and financing through which we can make payments for goods or services without having money in our checking account. When it comes to this type of case in which we pay without having the money, it is customary to have an assigned monthly limit, which is determined by the same entity that has offered us the card.

Having a free credit card within our reach allows us a great number of possibilities, since it can be both a convenient way to pay from a small purchase such as a new pair of shoes, as a purchase that involves a greater amount of money, such as for example, a new computer or the mechanic's bill.

It is for this reason that credit cards have now become a means of payment that is so popular, since thanks to its versatility it allows us to make any type of payment, without the need to carry cash in our pocket , without taking into account the amount, and even, without having to worry about whether at that moment we have enough money in our bank account, since there are credit cards that act as loans and allow us to have access to extra money quickly.

However, we cannot ignore that when we are using our credit card as a loan with which to get money on the spot , we are requesting a financial service with a series of characteristics and to which we will have to add a series of interests at the time of returning the total amount loaned, so we must manage this type of credit card with control and responsibility .

In short, a free credit card is one of the best means of payment of those existing today, thanks to the large number of possibilities it offers us, both to get quick money as a loan, and to pay for any good or service that we need without having to carry cash , and with the advantage of being able to use it around the world.

What types of credit and debit cards are there?

Tarjetas de crédito y débito

Now that we know what credit and debit cards are and what they are for, we are going to get to know each and every one of the different types of bank cards that exist , since it is a fairly common error to find that we do not know exactly what difference there is, for example, between a credit card and a debit card.

It is very important to know the main features of each of the different free credit and debit cards that we can find today, since the situation may arise that we are using a type of card for which we do not know all its peculiarities, or that there is a card that best suits our needs.

We are going to see each and every one of them below:

What is a debit card?

We start with debit cards , a type of card in which every time we make a payment for a good or a service, the amount to be paid will be charged directly from the bank account that we have associated with said card, so that , the total funds that we can have in this type of card will be those that we have at that time in said account.

For example, if we have a fund of one thousand euros in the bank account associated with this card, we can only pay for products or services for an amount less than or equal to this.

Free debit cards are the most common type of card that we can find, since it can be used both to make any type of payment in an establishment (both physical and online), withdraw money at ATMs, make transfers, and many other operations how to recharge our prepaid mobile phone or check the balance and operations of the account.

As for its commissions, it is one of those that has a lower percentage of interest, since these are usually free, or an annual fee is paid for its use, since the bank stops operating with a debit card It does not act as a cash lender, but we use the money we have in our checking account directly.

What is a credit card?

We continue with credit cards , a type of card with which we can operate exactly the same as with the debit card but with the difference that we can have money without having funds in our account, that is, it acts as a loan, where the bank that offers us the card acts as a lender.

As a general rule, each bank offers different types of credit cards according to the profile of the applicant, where we will find different interest rates and monthly limits.

At the end of the month we will have to pay all the money borrowed, or pay a proportional part of this that we will return month by month, it all depends on the type of credit card that we have contracted , as well as the characteristics of the contract of this, which They are established directly by the bank.

Regarding the cost of credit cards with these characteristics, we find that, apart from the interest that we will have to pay for the borrowed money, they also tend to have an annual fee.

What is a prepaid card?

We continue with the different types of existing credit and debit cards , now in their prepaid mode, a means of payment that works in a very similar way to debit cards, since we can only have the specific balance that we previously associate with said card .

However, we cannot confuse these two types of cards since they have very different uses, since while in a prepaid card we will only be able to have the amount of cash that we have previously reloaded, in a debit card we will be able to have the full balance available in the bank account associated with it .

So, a prepaid card is a means of electronic payment where we can include a limited amount of money, and that does not have to be associated with a bank account, since there are so many prepaid cards that we can recharge through our account, or directly at any ATM.

Prepaid cards are a very versatile type of card given their main characteristics, which is why they are widely used as cards for minors, to make purchases over the Internet (a medium in which they are very popular due to the security they offer expensive to the buyer), as a gift card or to have an exhaustive control of our monthly budget.

The free credit and prepaid debit cards are the three main types of cards that we will be able to find in banks, and as we can see, all of them have a series of unique and specific characteristics that make them a type of payment more or less adequate depending on our situation and profile. Therefore, before hiring a credit card, it is advisable to know its characteristics, to make sure that we are requesting the one that best suits what we need.

Bank of Nigeria Definitions: Credit Card - Debit Card - Prepaid Card

Free credit cards, where to get them?

Tarjetas de crédito gratis

Throughout this post we have talked to you about several brands that offer us free credit cards , these being an excellent means of payment that allows us to carry money in our wallet, without the need for it to be in cash.

At the moment in which we open a checking account in a conventional bank, the most common thing is that the bank itself offers us a debit card associated with it, through which we can both make payments and withdraw money at ATMs or be at day of operations carried out on the account. However, not all these cards that banks offer us are free, and in the vast majority of occasions we are going to find that we are going to have to pay a series of maintenance commissions.

If what you are looking for is a free credit card along this entry you will be able to find, for example, the option that Monedo Pay offers us, with a prepaid card that has no issuance or maintenance costs.

Note of your interest:

We take this opportunity to remind you that there are also fast loans without interest . To see which financial companies offer you this offer, visit our post Free Quick Credits

Credit or debit cards without changing banks.

Tarjetas de crédito gratis sin cambiar de banco

Now that we know both the main types of cards that we can find today as well as many of the best brands of these, it should be noted that there are many credit cards without changing banks that we can get completely free of charge ; Turning this peculiarity into something to take into account before hiring a new credit card.

Many of these cards offer us this feature since for many users the possibility of being able to get a new credit card without having to open a new checking account or change bank is of vital importance, which offers speed and convenience in management of the card, since we do not have to worry about the bills that we have direct debit, or the advantages that our entity offers us: these will remain intact while we enjoy the new features that our credit or debit card offers us.

Throughout this post we have already told you about several brands that allow us to hire your credit cards for free without changing banks , so before choosing which of them is more interesting for us, we will only have to analyze the characteristics well and advantages that it offers us, since by being able to sign up without having to change banks, we will be able to continue enjoying the advantages that our conventional banking entity offers us, without having to open a new account.

So, if you are looking for a credit card without changing banks , throughout this post you will be able to find a lot of information that will help you decide and find the perfect card for you.

How to choose the best debit or credit card for me?

Taking into account the wide variety of cards that we find today, it is normal that we wonder how to choose the best free credit card , looking for the one that best suits our needs.

For this, it is essential to look for information, to know the different types of cards that we can find, as well as the characteristics associated with each of these types, in order to find the one that offers us conditions that are more favorable to our profile.

It is for this reason that the best credit card for us does not have to coincide with the card used by an acquaintance, a relative, or our partner, since we all have different needs and do not consume in the same way, therefore, we will not use the credit card in the same way. It is for this reason that when choosing a credit card, we should not get carried away by recommendations, but rather we should look for information, and make sure that we are hiring the card that is optimal for us.

And this is one of the most common mistakes when we are going to request a free credit or debit card since all cards are used for the same, but nevertheless, not all cards are exactly the same. As we mentioned in a few paragraphs, there are different types of credit cards, and each of them has specific characteristics that make it more or less appropriate according to our profile.

So, before choosing a credit card and in order to find the card that is most suitable for you, we must carry out an evaluation taking into account points such as the ones you can find below:

What fees does my card have?

When we hire a credit card in any of its forms, we will find that we will usually have to face a series of expenses that go beyond using the card, such as the maintenance costs of this card, which normally They are presented in the form of an annual fee.

At the moment in which we contract our credit card, our bank will have to inform us about all the expenses it generates, and in which, apart from maintenance expenses, we can also find commissions such as: withdrawal fees. cash at ATMs, card issuance costs, renewal fees, as well as expenses for claiming defaults or overdrafts.

This type of commissions appear in the vast majority of credit cards that we will find, although normally there are promotions that will offer us the possibility of getting our card for free during the first year of use. Once this period of time has elapsed, we would have to pay commissions like the ones we mentioned in the previous paragraph, so at the time of contracting the card we must check what are the commissions that we are going to have to pay, and if we go to be able to have discounts throughout the first year of use.

In addition, another point that is crucial when applying for a credit card is to know which are the ATMs in which we will be able to withdraw cash without having to pay commissions, since this is one of the main uses of any card, And it is important to take into account if we are going to be able to have this type of ATM in our city or in our surroundings, to avoid paying extra commissions when withdrawing money.

What interests does my card have?

We continue with another of the essential points that we have to review before hiring a credit card: its interest.

For this, we must know its equivalent annual rate (APR) since this figure will be the one that indicates the real interests and effective cost of the expenses that we pay through the card, since the APR includes both commissions, the interests and expenses associated with the credit card, with which we can get an idea of ​​the extra percentage that we are going to have to cover for each purchase we make with our card.

In addition, the APR is one of the best figures to compare between different credit cards offered by banks, in order to find the card that offers us a lower equivalent annual rate.

What is the debt limit of my credit card?

Although knowing what the limit of our indebtedness is is something basic that we must take into account when applying for any loan product, before choosing our credit card it is important that we know the debt limit that it offers us, it is that is, the maximum amount we can spend now, and pay back over future months.

And it is that we cannot let it pass that the money we spend through our credit card works exactly the same as a loan, and therefore, the sooner we are able to return the total amount that has been loaned to us, the less amount of interest we will have to pay.

The most advisable thing to be able to correctly establish a limit debt on our credit card is that it is not too high, in order to avoid contracting too large a debt that finally and over time we cannot face.

Therefore, there is no ideal debt limit for our credit card, but we have to analyze our economic situation with perspective in order to find the monthly limitation that best meets our financial needs, and does not exceed our budget in excess. monthly.

What advantages does my credit card offer me?

This is also an important feature when choosing a free credit or debit card , and it is that although not all of them offer advantages when making purchases, there are many cards that offer us discounts or promotions that we can take advantage of in our benefit to save at the end of the month.

Among these types of advantages we find cards that offer us direct discount percentages when buying in certain establishments or large stores, as well as discounts on tickets to cultural events or celebrations.

There are many possibilities that we can find within this type of advantages, however, we should not choose a credit card directly because it offers us this type of promotions, since in the first place we have to be sure that we are really going to take advantage these discounts and if consequently it will be profitable for us.

Advantages of online credit cards

Nowadays , online credit cards have become a very popular means of payment, which allows us to have money without having to carry cash in our wallet.

It is for this reason that we are not surprised at all that it has become a basic that cannot be missing in our portfolio, given the large number of advantages it offers us, beyond being able to pay at any establishment.

Next, we want to talk about the main advantages that credit cards offer us:

- They allow us to have an exhaustive control of our expenses: Every payment we make with our free online credit card is reflected and can be consulted through the Internet, at any ATM, or at our bank, so it is easier to know when and where we have spent money to keep a good accounting of our monthly budget.

- We can pay anywhere in the world: When we go on a trip, a debit or credit card cannot be missing in our wallet, which will allow us to make purchases without having to carry money, and without having to change currencies, since currency conversion is done automatically upon payment.

- Purchases through the Internet: Online shopping has become popular over the last few years, becoming a service that offers us security, and allows us to obtain goods or services from anywhere in the world, being one of the means The most common payment method that we will find on the net is the credit card.

- Special promotions and discounts: As we told you throughout the previous paragraphs, there are many free credit cards that offer us discounts and advantages when buying in certain chains of establishments, or hiring specific services, so in the long run These discounts can lead to significant savings to take into account.

- Source of extra income: Online credit cards can be a good resource that offers us a pinch of extra money to get to the end of the month, indulge ourselves, or pay for any sudden expense, since many of these cards work as a line of credit that advances us a certain amount of money.

Credit cards with Nigerian Financial Authority

Tarjetas de crédito con Nigerian Financial Authority

If we want to apply for a credit card with Nigerian Financial Authority we are facing a difficult situation , and that is that any credit institution that we are going to make our request to get a card (as well as any other loan service) will take care of review our credit history and check if we are in files associated with delinquency such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI.

However, although getting a credit card with Nigerian Financial Authority is a complicated mission, it is not something that is impossible since this is not in itself a direct reason why the card issuer would have to reject our application .

So, if this is our situation and we are looking for a credit card with the Nigerian Financial Authority , we must first check that this feature is not entirely incompatible with our request, reviewing the necessary requirements to be able to contract said card.

Note of your interest:

Remember that if you need to apply for a loan while in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI , you can find credits, focused on this profile, in our section of credits with Nigerian Financial Authority (click to go).

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