800 euro loan (with and without Nigerian Financial Authority)

Are you looking for a credit of 800 euros? You have found the website you need

In the loan comparator of feminaust.org (located under these lines) we tell you which are the entities in which you can find, today, this amount. Analyze the main entities at a glance and get the € 800 credit you need .

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4.6 / 5
  • Amount: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Return period : From 61 days to 36 months
  • Approximate concession time: 15 minutes
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES

Requirements: from 18 years old. DNI or NIE document. Reside in Nigeria. Bank account number (we have to be holders of it). Proof of income (payroll, unemployment, pension, self-employed).

It stands out in : they offer loans for high amounts of capital with a maximum of 5,000 euros. They don't look at Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. Fast processing and deposit of the money in fifteen minutes after accepting the request.

  • Example: requesting 4,000 euros to be paid for 12 months will cost you 5,430, 46 euros in total
  • Quantity: From € 100 to € 1,000
  • Return period : From 5 days to 30 days.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • Free first ?: YES
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES

Requirements : Age between 18 and 80 years. Reside in Nigeria. Be the owner of a bank account. Proof of regular income (payroll, benefits, retirement, self-employed, etc).

Stands out in : Very fast. They offer fast loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and without endorsement. Possibility of obtaining the first mini-credit without commissions.

  • Example: € 300 for 30 days would have a cost of 0 euros, thanks to its promotion of free fast first mini-credit (without commissions)
  • Amount: From € 750 to € 5,000
  • Return period : Up to 48 months.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES
  • Minimum APR 24% - maximum 197.15%

Requirements: from 18 years of age. DNI or NIE. Reside in Nigeria. Phone number. Email. Bank account number.

It stands out in : you can obtain loans for high amounts that exceed the sector average (5,000 euros). Accepts Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. Get your money, quickly in less than 10 minutes.

  • Example: a loan of 750 euros to be repaid in 12 months costs you a total of 850.80 euros. TIN and APR of the example: 21.72% and 24.01% respectively
  • Quantity: From € 50 to € 1,000
  • Return period : 30 days (for 0% interest) or in monthly payments.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • Free first ?: YES
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : NO

Requirements: from 25 to 70 years old. Residence in Nigeria. Have no debts that are listed in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. DNI or NIE documentation.

It stands out in : The Ferratum Flexible Credit offers the first application up to € 500 without commissions (with a return period of a maximum of 30 days). It has alternatives to pay in monthly installments.

  • Example: a flexible credit worth 500 euros to be reimbursed over a period of 30 days will cost € 0 (without commissions).

Loans 800 euros: origins

A loan of 800 euros is a relatively young service , since it arises with the arrival of private entities specialized in online loans.

Getting a figure of money like the one at hand - eight hundred euros - was until recently almost impossible. Above all, if we limited ourselves to the offer provided by the banks.

For this reason, a new proposal appears that seeks to adapt to current needs, that integrates a quick request and that bases its operation on all the possibilities offered by the network.

In this way, entities that offer credits worth € 800 arise.

If you have come to our web platform because you want to know in which entities you will be able to contract this amount of money today: look no further.

As you may have seen at the top of this post, we offer you a selection of platforms that you can currently obtain loans of 800 euros, with all the advantages that characterize the sector today.

Créditos y préstamos de 800 euros

Is there a limit of money that I can contract?

Depending on the entity in which we are going to manage our loan worth eight hundred euros, of course we are going to find ourselves with limitations.

And, the first thing we have to take into account if we want to hire this figure is that not all financial companies provide it.

We could say that the average for the sector is around 300 euros, since it is the figure that is most commonly requested.

The credits and loans of 800 euros are far from this amount . However, it is still a figure that is included in what is known as mini-loans , so it is nothing out of the ordinary that we can find financial institutions that grant it.

Compare before choosing your loan of eight hundred euros

It is essential that when requesting a loan of eight hundred euros we know how and where to look.

For this we put our comparator at your fingertips. Here we make it easy for you to find the proposal that best suits our profile, since we can quickly see which entities offer this amount, their repayment terms and other conditions, such as the possibility of requesting a mini credit while in the Nigerian Financial Authority .

And is that, before launching to complete our loan application, we have to assess and know what exactly our requirements are as a credit applicant. In this way we will be able to locate more quickly and effectively the entity that can offer us credits of 800 euros that fit perfectly with what we need.

Therefore, remember:

  • Make a good comparison between all the alternatives
  • Know your financial situation (both at the time of making your request and during the months required for reimbursement)

By following these two simple tips, we will be able to save time (since we will go directly to the platforms that suit us) and money (we can see which entity offers a lower amount of commissions).

How to order € 800?

Requesting eight hundred euros through online entities is as simple as requesting lower amounts.

We are going to see what are the main steps we are going to have to take in order to obtain this amount of money by processing our application successfully.

To start requesting our loan of 800 euros we have to:

  1. Search and find the option that best suits what we need
  2. Access the platform website
  3. Enter the amount and return period
  4. Fill in the form with our personal data
  5. Attach identifying documentation and proof of stable income
  6. Verify that all the data is correct
  7. Wait for the response of the entity that will inform us in minutes if the credit has been pre-accepted
  8. Review the credit agreement and send it (via email) signed
  9. Finally, receive the deposit of the money in our checking account


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