Loans of 1000 euros (with and without Nigerian Financial Authority)

If you have arrived thinking «I need to get 1000 euros», you have found the answer

We are going to show you the credits and loans of 1000 euros (or more) that some private finance companies and banks grant to their clients. Check our comparison, under these lines, and get a thousand euros today.

  • Amount: From € 750 to € 5,000
  • Return period : Up to 48 months.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES
  • Minimum APR 24% - maximum 197.15%

Requirements: from 18 years of age. DNI or NIE. Reside in Nigeria. Phone number. Email. Bank account number.

It stands out in : you can obtain loans for high amounts that exceed the sector average (5,000 euros). Accepts Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. Get your money, quickly in less than 10 minutes.

  • Example: a loan of 750 euros to be repaid in 12 months costs you a total of 850.80 euros. TIN and APR of the example: 21.72% and 24.01% respectively
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4.6 / 5
  • Amount: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Return period : From 61 days to 36 months
  • Approximate concession time: 15 minutes
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES

Requirements: from 18 years old. DNI or NIE document. Reside in Nigeria. Bank account number (we have to be holders of it). Proof of income (payroll, unemployment, pension, self-employed).

It stands out in : they offer loans for high amounts of capital with a maximum of 5,000 euros. They don't look at Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. Fast processing and deposit of the money in fifteen minutes after accepting the request.

  • Example: requesting 4,000 euros to be paid for 12 months will cost you 5,430, 46 euros in total
  • Quantity: From € 100 to € 1,000
  • Return period : From 5 days to 30 days.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • Free first ?: YES
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES

Requirements : Age between 18 and 80 years. Reside in Nigeria. Be the owner of a bank account. Proof of regular income (payroll, benefits, retirement, self-employed, etc).

Stands out in : Very fast. They offer fast loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and without endorsement. Possibility of obtaining the first mini-credit without commissions.

  • Example: € 300 for 30 days would have a cost of 0 euros, thanks to its promotion of free fast first mini-credit (without commissions)
  • Quantity: From € 50 to € 1,000
  • Return period : 30 days (for 0% interest) or in monthly payments.
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes.
  • Free first ?: YES
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : NO

Requirements: from 25 to 70 years old. Residence in Nigeria. Have no debts that are listed in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. DNI or NIE documentation.

It stands out in : The Ferratum Flexible Credit offers the first application up to € 500 without commissions (with a return period of a maximum of 30 days). It has alternatives to pay in monthly installments.

  • Example: a flexible credit worth 500 euros to be reimbursed over a period of 30 days will cost € 0 (without commissions).
  • Amount: From € 1,000 to € 50,000
  • Return period : from 24 to 72 months.
  • Approximate concession time: 48 hours.
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : NO

Requirements: age between 18 and 70 years. Reside in Nigeria. DNI or NIE. Have no debts with the Nigerian Financial Authority. Proof of income. To request more than ten thousand euros, it is also required to provide an extract from the bank account.

It stands out in : it offers access to financing for high amounts of capital, reaching up to forty thousand euros. It has alternatives to finance any type of project.

  • Example: for a loan of 8,500 euros to be paid in 60 installments (€ 166.70) the total to be returned will be 10,001.89 euros

On the credits and loans of one thousand euros

At the moment, to get a thousand euros, only four of the financial entities included in our panel would serve you , since it is an amount that escapes a bit from what is usual in fast money companies .

Almost no fast credit institution on the Internet works with mini-loans of more than a thousand euros . However, through the comparator that we propose, you can consult the four that DO grant them: Solcredito, Monedo Now, Younited Credit and Ferratum Money (Updated 2019)

Mini Loans and credits of 1,000 euros: Summary

Préstamos de mil euros

Then we are going to talk about the most relevant points of this post, as a summary.

The first and essential thing is that we can currently get loans worth a thousand euros through various entities .

Despite the fact that it is an amount that exceeds the average of the fast financing sector, there are several private platforms that offer this capital, and it is still a mini-loan after all.

In our comparator you can find all these entities along with their main characteristics.

Another of the most important aspects that we have to take into account if we are interested in contracting a loan worth a thousand euros is that we have different possibilities depending on what our profile requires.

We can both get € 1000 with outstanding debts ( mini credits online and with Nigerian Financial Authority ), as well as without having a guarantee or fixed payroll.

Finally, hiring this amount of capital has the same advantages as lower figures, since it is completely managed through the Internet, with hardly any paperwork required, in a few minutes.

Microcredits with Nigerian Financial Authority of 1000 euros or more

If your current financial situation is that you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority and you want to see which financial institutions other than Solcredito grant their credits to people who are included in a delinquency list, visit our section dedicated to loans with Nigerian Financial Authority.

We wanted to tell you how to get 1000 euros fast, or more, and what financial companies have this service. At the moment there are still not many, but little by little they are encouraged to exceed a thousand euros .

Remember that it is very important that you read the conditions of these or other credits, whether in traditional banks or financial companies that operate online.

This is evident, however we remind you to do it, as is done to contract any product or service. The fine print should always be read.

In the case of online credits, you can find it, in most cases, on its main page, or in one created for this purpose, which is usually linked from the main one. This is something that should always be done, be it loans of 100 euros, 400 euros or, as the protagonists of our article today, quick loans of 1000 euros.

Fast 1000 euro loans with Nigerian Financial Authority are already a fact

We will be able to observe throughout the entire article that getting a quick € 1,000 loan with Nigerian Financial Authority is a fact.

And it is that, although there is not a great excess of financials that facilitate these amounts with the characteristic that the user is on a list of delinquencies, today it can be done.

But what about fast money? This is a plus in the type of loan that you are going to request. You know what he wants to say? That unlike the traditional and conventional ones where various demands and checks of financial solvency are required of you, which require a lot of paperwork, with this type of finance company, we can save this step.

The application process is very fast (about 10/15 minutes), with an almost instantaneous response. And depending on the entity with which you finally get your € 1000 fast loan with Nigerian Financial Authority, you will be able to have your money in the account in the next 48 hours, more or less.

Can you get a credit of 1000 euros without payroll?

How new these online credits are, many times cause doubts, as they are inevitably compared with loans ... let's call them "those of a lifetime", which we ask for in our bank or box.

And, although we have already touched on the question of applying for loans without payroll, it is worth remembering today:

Well, as we all know, to get 1000 euros from your bank, the normal thing is that they ask you for a salary receipt (if they do not already have your payroll domiciled in their entity), so that you can show that you can return the thousand euros , obviously .

The fact is that this changes with the new online financial companies, where it is possible to get fast money without having to present a payroll.

Any other proof of income can perfectly serve us, such as unemployment benefit (unemployment and similar subsidies), pension, disability, etc.

As 1000 euros is an amount that can be considered "very low", for which it is usual to request a loan, especially if we talk about periods of more than 12 months, these companies skip this rule, until recently burned, that it is strictly necessary to present documentation regarding a current job, such as payroll or the contract itself.

«I need 1000 euros now»

If this is your concern right now and you are thinking I need a loan of 1000 euros , take advantage of the speed with which microcredits are processed. When you need money now, there is no waiting. Apply for your credit instantly and don't waste a minute.

But remember: compare with us first and get the best offer 🙂

Quick credits of € 1000 without endorsement

This is, the fast loans of 1000 euros without endorsement , perhaps one of the best offers that can be seen in the world of microcredits and fast money .

Although not in all private finance companies you can opt for a quick credit of 1000 euros without endorsement, you do have great examples in these that we present to you today . Prestigious entities and with which you can get those thousand euros that you need.

Remember that we have at your disposal the post frequently asked questions about microcredits, where you can find out, in a generic way, how it works to borrow money online, through online loans, either short-term (for example 1 month) or loans of 12 months or more. At the end of this post you will find a link to the frequently asked questions of each of the financial companies, on their website of origin.

The requirements are usually flexible, in this type of credit product. As a guarantee, it can serve, from an unemployment benefit, which justifies a constant income over time, or an entrepreneur who requests loans for self-employed without endorsement.

The first thing is to know our rights, because the important thing is that you are satisfied and do not get unpleasant surprises.

Créditos de 1000 euros

How to apply for a fast credit with responsibility

As we have been talking throughout the article, not only loans of 1000 euros online are already possible, but also 1000 euros loans with Nigerian Financial Authority, and 1000 euros credits without payroll . This is due to the fact that the money granting entities, the old financial institutions and the current credit entities, have put the batteries in line with the economic situation that the country is going through.

They have had to take a step forward in this field since Nigerian society not only demanded fast mini-credit , but also needs such as fast loans of 1000 euros .

However, many times, to speed up and contract this type of fast 1000 euro credits, in this specific case, we do not look at the fine print of the contract or do not investigate well about the offers that exist. Although in this post we have told you that only with these entities you can request 1000 euros, we are going to give you a series of security tips for you to carry out before hiring any type of quick mini credit or larger loan.

«I need 1000 euros urgently», tips to keep in mind

First of all remind you that these tips on how to request mini-credits or, in this case, on how to request 1000 euros, are not mandatory. They are a series of three steps to take into account to avoid bad taste surprises in the long run or save yourself anger at having taken out loans of a thousand euros more expensive than those that were in the market at that time, for example.

  • Research : search, read, find out about any offer that exists in the credit market, that works for you at that time. In this specific case, you know that there are only four financial institutions that grant you the urgent credit of 1000 euros. But if it were another quantity, you must carry out an exhaustive search.
  • Compare : once you have all the information in your hands of these offers, you should check certain data that can be very useful when making a final decision: which of these loans is cheaper, which of them has the repayment term which best suits my current socio-economic situation, which one meets the requirements in which I currently find myself (I am in the Nigerian Financial Authority, I do not have a payroll, I have no endorsement ...).
  • Decide : and with all this information you will have to weigh which credit offer of 1000 euros fast is the one that best suits your possibilities. In addition, you must also ultimately bear in mind that you must also meet a series of requirements, depending on the entity. If you reside in Nigeria, that you meet the required age, etc. Once you have all this valued data, you will not get any last minute surprises.


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