Where do you get personal loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll?

Where to get a loan with payroll and Nigerian Financial Authority

Updated: October 2020
Raúl, from Lagos, asks us where to get personal loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll in 2020. At El Dinero Rápido it seems like a very good query and it will be the one that stars in our article today. We will talk about where to apply for loans , if you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI and, on the other hand, you have in your favor that you have a payroll .



If you want to save time and prefer to go straight to choosing a financial institution, we have prepared the following quick links for you:

loans with Nigerian Financial Authority ( all loans accepted by Nigerian Financial Authority)

quick credits with Nigerian Financial Authority (loans from 1000 euros)

mini-credits with Nigerian Financial Authority (loans up to 1000 euros)


This one that we show you is the email that Raúl has sent us (the user's name has been changed, for privacy):

Subject: personal loans having payroll and being in Nigerian Financial Authority


I wanted to ask you where I can find loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll. I'll tell you my case, to see if you can help me.

My name is Raúl and I work as a salesperson in a shoe distribution company in Lagos . At the moment I have, for 3 and a half months, a contract for 40 hours a week, 2 years, renewable. I charge 850 euros for fixed, plus commissions, which are usually between 400 euros and 500 euros , which come on the payroll.

Préstamos personales con Nigerian Financial Authority y nómina, feminaust.org

The fact is that I need 3000 euros to reform my house and I have found that the bank tells me that they cannot leave it to me , since I am in the Nigerian Financial Authority delinquency file (I have a debt of € 890 noted in said list, which I do not agree, since that is not what you should have to pay).

As work is going well and it seems that things work out at home, as far as money is concerned, I have thought not to throw in the towel and try to find more. In this way I have found your website, Quick Money , and I have been encouraged to send you this email, to ask how I get a personal loan with the Nigerian Financial Authority if I have a payroll.

I don't have an endorsement either

I am also without a guarantor . The truth is that I do not know very well who to ask, since in these times people are not there to endorse anyone, in general, as you already know.

Thank you and I await your response.

Raul, Seville

Our answer: get loans with Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI when you have payroll

Dear Raúl,

Thank you very much for contacting us and giving us your confidence when it comes to informing you about requesting money online, through fast credits , in your case having a payroll, but being in the Nigerian Financial Authority.

Prestigious financial companies, such as CREDITEA, MONEDO or CREDY, among many others, grant personal loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll , distancing themselves from the rule that until now was heard in every bank branch: « if you are in a delinquency file , we cannot grant you the loan .

To answer your question, we suggest you visit our post on credits with Nigerian Financial Authority (click on the link to go) .

In it you will be able to find several online private financial companies, which grant credits, also to clients who are in lists or delinquency files, that not only exists the Nigerian Financial Authority. They can also be others, such as RAI.

An alternative even without endorsement

In principle, getting quick money when you are without collateral is complicated, but not impossible. Of course, it will depend on the financial company with which you decide to formalize the personal loan, since no client is the same as another.

We all have advantages on our part and other disadvantages, such as in your case being in the Nigerian Financial Authority and without an endorsement, but with work and payroll.

In any case, given the flexibility of this type of mini loans , they are granted both in situations in which there are annotations within the Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll as well as being unemployed, if a benefit or subsidy is collected.

They have a bad part that is their high price, but it is also true that they give money when others do not receive you, which is the most normal thing when we seek to obtain financing with the Nigerian Financial Authority .

You have to weigh yourself to what extent it is acceptable to apply for a personal loan online.


Nigerian Financial Authority personal loans and payroll. Summary key points

Créditos con Nigerian Financial Authority y con nómina

Here you will be able to find the main questions that answer the query that our user sent us about whether it is possible to get personal loans with payroll and the Nigerian Financial Authority.

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that yes: there are currently a good variety of fast loan platforms that allow us to obtain this fast credit service with the Nigerian Financial Authority .

In addition, although the payroll is a requirement that will facilitate access to credit, it is also possible to obtain it without having a fixed payroll.

Therefore, we can contract this service through various platforms that are compatible with the Nigerian Financial Authority and with the other requirements.

The second important point that we must also know is that currently a guarantor is not required to obtain financing through a private platform.

Thus, we will not need to have a guarantee to access credit, as we normally find in conventional banking entities.

Above you will find a link to visit the page with the platforms where you can get loans with these conditions together with their contracting characteristics.

In this way, you will be able to quickly compare and find the loan that best suits what you are looking for.

Request Loans while in Nigerian Financial Authority with a real guarantee

That our name is associated with a list of defaulters and especially when it comes to the Nigerian Financial Authority Registry, may be sufficient cause for the bank or finance company to deny the loans.

When banks analyze a loan request, the first thing they consult is the Nigerian Financial Authority Register where all unpaid operations of loans, cards and purchases are recorded. We also have the CIRBE or Central Bank of Nigeria Risk Information where all credits over € 6,000 requested by a person are recorded.

However, as Financredi explains to us, it is possible to obtain Loans with Nigerian Financial Authority in certain situations, such as those detailed below:

  • You can leave your car under warranty. There are finance companies that grant loans for a certain percentage of the current value of the vehicle and you can continue to enjoy it as well as recover the property if you pay the credit when due.
  • In the so-called mini-credits or small loans where the financiers grant the credits without payroll, without endorsement, with few questions and they do not care about the Nigerian Financial Authority. Now the debt will have to be less than 1,000 euros.
  • If the loans you need are for a larger amount, the only possibility will be to have a home or premises of your own or of third parties to be able to mortgage it.

Credits with Nigerian Financial Authority online, there are also free

As always, we remind you and the rest of the users that before choosing credits with Nigerian Financial Authority (or otherwise) it is highly advisable to read the post about free credits (promotion of certain financial institutions, for the first loan they grant to their clients, although not all grant them with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll ).

Search among our selection which is closest to what you need, depending on your interest. From what you tell us in your kind email, the Creditea credits may be the ones that best suit you, since you are looking for a relatively high amount, such as 3,000 euros.

Compare before. Forever

Generally, mini-credits with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll are not usually granted for more than 1000 euros, although there are certain entities that do reach that amount, one of them (which also studies applications with Nigerian Financial Authority ), as we mentioned, is Creditea.

Always remember that you have to read the particular conditions, even if they are prestigious financial ones, such as when you sign any other type of contract, mortgage, etc.

Thanks again for your question about where to get personal loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll , Raúl. We hope we have helped you and, if you have any questions, you know where you have us.

User Support

Fast Money

And to the friends who read us, who perhaps find yourself in the same circumstance as Raúl, we also hope that you benefit from today's article, since comparing is how you save money and time.

Financing personal loans with Nigerian Financial Authority online

Prestamos-personales-con-Nigerian Financial Authority

We have already seen that what our user communicates to us through his email is that he needs to have access to a personal loan service with Nigerian Financial Authority without endorsement.

Throughout the previous paragraphs we have recommended to our user that to get a personal credit with Nigerian Financial Authority, he can choose the financial Creditea but, of course, this is not the only option that he will find available to access this type of service.

Since, although not all entities offer loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority , there are several options that according to our characteristics as a credit applicant can be very interesting.

Therefore, taking into account that when it comes to getting a mini credit with RAI or Nigerian Financial Authority we have several financial institutions to choose from, what we recommend -both to the user who sent us an email and to all our readers- is that they look for information and compare between the different entities before making a decision.

For this, you can visit our mini - credit comparator, where the mini-credits with Nigerian Financial Authority are selected and you will be able to find all the information you need.

Having debts with the Nigerian Financial Authority is no longer decisive

This is due to the fact that although the vast majority of financial companies that offer credit services with Nigerian Financial Authority online work in a very similar way , with commissions that vary very little from one entity to another, there are important differences that can lead to choose one financial over another.

For example, we can find entities that have debt limitations to accept our credit application. That is, in a practical case we cannot have debts in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI for a value of more than 900 euros, or in another case the debt that we have pending payment in Nigerian Financial Authority cannot have been contracted with another financial institution, for example.

Hence, from El Dinero Rápido we invite you to take a closer look at each and every one of the characteristics of personal loan entities with the Nigerian Financial Authority before sending an application and formalizing the credit contract, since the better we know the conditions that The financial institution we have chosen offers us, the more agile and simple the entire management will be.

As we have seen, when we want to apply for a loan without looking at Nigerian Financial Authority , we are offered several alternatives.

We can manage this in just a few minutes from the comfort of our home, and without having to read long contracts and fill out endless paperwork. However, that applying for loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority is a quick and easy process , does not mean that we should make the mistake of abusing microcredits, making them a common way to get money or pay back debts since, in this way, if If we do not plan well, we could put our financial situation in an even more complicated position.

Be aware of responsible use and deadlines

And we cannot forget that fast loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority and without an endorsement are generally obtained on the spot , but they include high interests that we must also repay within the term agreed with the finance company, when paying off the debt. contracted, for example a 12-month loan

It is for this reason that we must always bet on responsible consumption of personal loans , carrying out good prior planning before requesting the service, with the assurance that the completion period has arrived, we will be able to have the loan money plus the interest added to be able to return the total amount of the credit.

In conclusion, if we follow the two recommendations about which we have talked to you throughout these paragraphs, compare between loan companies that offer loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and bet on responsible consumption), we are sure that our application process Credit will not generate any type of problem, and will allow us to find the best fast microloan to suit us, which we can invest in whatever we need.

Mini credits with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll


It may happen that, like our user, we need fast money without endorsement because we find ourselves in a similar situation and we want to have access to fast mini loans with payroll and Nigerian Financial Authority .

If getting a loan with payroll and Nigerian Financial Authority is a simple and agile process that we can find available in a good variety of financial institutions, the process is even easier when we have payroll, since we have high possibilities that our credit application is accepted, since our payroll will act as a payment guarantee, which will generate that the financial entity with which we want to contract the credit service, processes our mini-credit without major problem.

Although, however, we cannot forget that this characteristic is by no means exclusive, since we must remember that there are many types of mini-loans and we can have access to quick credits, with and without payroll.

How to apply for a loan with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll responsibly

It is clear, as we have advanced throughout the post, that the monetary loan sector has taken giant steps, as we can see when verifying that it is already possible to request a loan of 3000 euros with the Nigerian Financial Authority , among many others. new benefits.

As Raúl asked us, the offer of online loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll is one of the clear advances of the credit institutions that have had to adapt to the economic situation of the country , which continues to suffer the, hopefully, last blows of a great currency crisis.

However, even if you see great progress when it comes to requesting a loan with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll , you should not trust yourself and be cautious. You should look for fast personal loans with Nigerian Financial Authority in the most responsible way possible, to avoid problems once you have contracted it.

That is why the El Dinero Rápido team offers you a series of tips, with which you can get loans with payroll and Nigerian Financial Authority in a more secure way.

Little tips for borrowing with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll

The first thing you should keep in mind, as we have already commented before in the post, is that the consumption of monetary loans must be responsible and punctual, you should not use it as a regular resource since it can be expensive.
Next we are going to tell you three simple steps to look for personal credits with Nigerian Financial Authority and RAI with payroll , with which you can save yourself some other upset in the long run. It goes without saying that these tips are not mandatory, we just want you to have the best quality and enjoy your credit.

These are the following tips:

  • Research : our advice is to search all the websites and media for the offers that interest you the most. In this case, with the 3,000 euro loans with Nigerian Financial Authority, we have listed the credit institutions that grant them and with their conditions. Even so, make sure you read and inform yourself in all the means you can.
  • Compare : once you have all the information in this regard compiled on how to get money being in Nigerian Financial Authority with payroll, you should compare those that interest you the most. You must take into account factors such as the repayment period, the interest, if your requirements are accepted (being in the Nigerian Financial Authority, without endorsement, etc.).
  • Decide : with that great screening done, if you still have doubts, you should ask yourself all the previous questions to have a final winner. And yes, you must also take into account the requirements imposed by the financial institution itself. If your age fits the offer, if you have all the required paperwork in order, if you live in Nigeria, etc. They are data that can throw you back one of the offers that met your needs, but it is also a help method to discard offers that are not valid for you.

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