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If you have come here wanting to know how to request money online , you are in the right place

Updated October 2020

Today at we tell you what you must do to apply for an online loan.
To begin to explain how to request fast money online, you should know that it will depend on your circumstances, because the so-called mini credits instantly , are each from their father and mother (if you allow us the expression).
For example, if your case is that you are included in some type of list of defaulters, such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI , we advise you to go directly to our post dedicated to loans with Nigerian Financial Authority.

Here we show you the financial companies that grant loans, even if we are in a delinquency file. Compare between them right there and stay with the one that best suits you.

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How to request money online ?: information you will find here

Pedir dinero por Internet

If you are thinking of hiring money via the Internet and it is the first time that you are going to request a financial service without going through your trusted bank, you will have doubts about how the whole process works.

In this post we want to explain to you how the process of applying for quick credits works using the network, since it is a sector in which knowing all the options that we have at our disposal is of great relevance.

For this reason, one of the most important aspects is to obtain information about the range of possibilities offered by companies specialized in offering money online.

In our post we are going to talk to you about it in depth, starting with the possibility of requesting borrowed money but without having guarantees or a payroll.

The online financing sector has stopped requiring documentation like this to accept applications, therefore we have access to fast loans with different characteristics.

Check more in our entry, where we talk about all the options you have possible, even for those who are thinking of hiring this service locally.

I want to borrow money, but I have no collateral, payroll, or neither

If your circumstances are not those and you are not on the colloquially called "delinquent lists" but you do not have anyone to guarantee you , you have options to get quick loans without payroll or endorsement , where you will find information on which credit houses are the ones that work with those conditions.

In other cases , visit the section on where to apply for fast loans and you will be able to see a summary of the main entities in the market, along with their repayment conditions, interest ... etc.

It goes without saying that it will be much easier to get personal loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and payroll than if we do not have it.

You will be able to observe that, depending on which cases, there are microcredits that can only be requested if the person requesting it is Nigerian, but as a general rule a foreign person, residing in Nigeria, can request it anyway.

Others are marked by age norms, generally 21 years , and it is quite common that they cannot be ordered with more than 60-65 years . There are also, if it is your circumstance, loans for freelancers without guarantee .

No problem, because you will be able to do a sieve and see which ones are governed by clauses that, in your particular case, you comply with.

From there you can order online amounts ranging from 1 euro, € 300 , a credit of 500 , € 600 , or more than € 1000 , the amount is up to you.

What if I have debts?

Another aspect that usually generates a greater number of doubts is the possibility of obtaining fast loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority .

The current financing sector has been taking giant steps when it comes to offering new alternatives. Among them is, of course, the power to contract credits without taking into account the possible annotations within files of defaults.

So if you have come this far because you are looking for urgent financing but you need it to be compatible with the Nigerian Financial Authority: don't worry. Through the proposal of private entities that accept applications that have debts, you will be able to obtain the money you need without special conditions or having to pay a greater number of commissions.

Options cover all kinds of situations

Solicitar dinero rápido por internet
Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet

Online lenders have taken giant steps when it comes to how to get borrowed money . And it is that they have managed to get rid of traditional bank loans for very simple reasons such as, among others, delinquency files.

Traditional banks, once the crisis started, stopped providing loans and mini-credits to citizens who were in the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI, a factor that pushed online lenders to move forward.

Therefore, requesting money online with these companies is easier now than ever , and you can get to get your money quickly, in just a few hours, depending on the type of mini credit in which you are interested.

Borrowing money with the defaulter tag is not easy, but it is possible.

You are assured of saving , since we are going to tell you how much it will cost and, above all, what offers you can aspire to. A credit without interest is not given every day, did you know that if it is your first request, it can be free ? Search the panel of our website and read its conditions on how to request money online .

Or consult our friendly website Mini Credits Instantly , to complete your information, if you see it necessary.

Informing you is always the first

Once you have decided the credit that you are going to request to get that urgent money online that you need, visit the website of the manager that you have chosen in our comparator and read their particular conditions , which are always displayed on their website .

Remember that we will give you a summary of how to request fast money online , through microloans, but not all the conditions of the contract are what you will see in the summary, obviously there is small print that we must all read when we ask for money online. This is of vital importance when our profile requires very specific conditions, such as not having an endorsement or having annotations in delinquency files.

For example, there are platforms that have specialized in offering mini credits with the Nigerian Financial Authority while others do not accept applications that have this feature.


When you are on the website of the chosen house, you will find a credit calculator on its home page , where by entering the amount you are going to ask for, it will tell you how much it costs and the repayment terms. But make sure that when you get to that step, you already know that this is the mini-loan that is best for you, as well as having read the fine print of the contract very carefully.

What if I want to request money in my area?

If you prefer to request money in your area , instead of online , you already know that you have at your disposal our directory of financial, private and related entities.

So you can find loans in Lagos , loans in Barcelona , loans in Lagos , loans in Seville , the rest of Andalusia , the main towns in Galicia and the Canary Islands . You can see each of these sections by clicking on your area.

It is really easy today to ask for money online . We hope this post has helped you and we wish you a happy transaction.

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