How do I get a € 10,000 credit to start a business? [RESOLVED]

Today we have a query about obtaining a loan of ten thousand euros to open a business

Updated January 21, 2020

Through the query that Marga sends us from Lagos, we offer you interesting information for those who are thinking of undertaking: How to obtain business loans? This is your email:

"I am looking for loans of 10,000 euros to start a business"

Préstamos de diez mil euros para montar una empresa

Hello guys! I am writing to you from Lagos and my name is Marga. I have been working seasonally for several years, without finding a permanent position, so I am thinking of starting my own company.

I would like to know if it is currently possible to obtain credits of ten thousand euros to start a business through a platform that works over the Internet. After consulting with my bank, they asked me for a series of requirements that I do not comply with at the moment, so I am looking for entities that are more versatile in this regard, since I do not have an endorsement and I am collecting unemployment, Thank you very much !.

Loans to start a business

Currently, we can find a loan to start a business worth ten thousand euros only in a financial institution of our comparison of quick loans , since it is a high amount of money that is above the average for the sector.

Younited Credit Créditos para empezar una empresa

  • Amount you can get: From € 1,000 to € 50,000
  • You return it in terms of 24 to 72 months
  • Opening commissions ranging from 0 to 12%
  • Interest from 5.92% (6.08% APR) and up to 10.84% ​​(17.01% APR)
  • Without endorsement
  • They do not accept Nigerian Financial Authority (if this is your case, you can see here loans with Nigerian Financial Authority )

Credits to start and open businesses

Créditos para emprender y empezar un negocio

The question posed by our user is clear since she needs a loan to start a business on her own worth ten thousand euros.

It is a financial service that although it reaches a much higher amount than we usually talk about in the fast financing sector, it also has a place on our website.

This is how we find the loan proposals to create a company (or for any other purpose) that Younited Credit offers us. These would be an option to get financing that would fit your profile.

Of course, there are also other services that are focused on profiles that seek to undertake, but the ones we have selected are those that best fit Marga's profile, given that among their characteristics is the possibility of obtaining without having a guarantor.

As we can see, among the platform requirements, we find simple and quite reasonable conditions, especially if we take into account that they offer us financing for large amounts of capital.

So, if like our user, you are looking to get money to start a business , in any of this platform you will find what you need: an investment for the future that could become the small push we need to carry out our professional projects and create a successful company.

Do not forget that the first option should always be the aid of the administration and the official credit

Of course, we cannot fail to tell you that there are also other services that are focused on profiles that seek to undertake, starting with the aid granted by the entities belonging to the public administration and that are aimed at starting businesses or supporting the themselves. In this sense, we recommend reading the Doncredit guide for information on loans and aid for entrepreneurs or consulting directly with the source of the financing, such as Instituto de Crédito Oficial

Loans of 10,000 euros to create companies: Are they a good idea?

If, like the user who sends us the query, you are looking for loans to create a company because you want to be able to have your own business, a good way to start shaping our ideas is to get a loan to help us get started.

And it is that a good business plan could give us the security we need to start a project from scratch. However, for all those entrepreneurs who do not have a source of financing with which to start taking the first steps, money becomes a real problem, an obstacle that prevents us from starting to develop our ideas.

It is for this reason that when we think we have an idea that could work, one way to get the financing we need is through a loan to create a business .

However, before launching to create our first company, we have to thoroughly study its profitability, make a detailed plan, and see how it could develop in the future, all from a responsible point of view and that does not put our economic situation. at risk, since we cannot forget that we are going to request a loan that we will have to repay in the future.

Loans to start as an entrepreneur: Responsible use

Préstamos para iniciar una empresa

As we said a little above, loans for entrepreneurs who seek to create their own business involve requesting large amounts of money, which will serve as an investment.

It is for this reason that we have to take into account that when we are going to hire a service with these characteristics, it is necessary to know how to make a good responsible use of the service, so that we can return the money to the lender without complications. However, it does not hurt that we also know how defaults work within the financial sector that operates through the network.

The most common thing when we are late in the payment of any of the monthly payments of our loan to undertake is that the lender officially notifies us that we have an outstanding amount of payment , a service for which a series of extra commissions will be included in the form of claims that they are normally around 30 euros.

Depending on the period of time that the non-payment remains pending, the debt will be notified to files associated with delinquency, such as the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI, among others. By the way, if you don't know if you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority, we have prepared for you the guide to know if I am in the Nigerian Financial Authority

This will prevent us from being able to access financing again in the future. At least, until we pay off our outstanding debt.

Finally, and since it is financing to undertake that reaches large amounts of capital, the lender would proceed to make a claim for non-payment through the courts.

How to ask for a loan of ten thousand euros for a business?

Pedir un préstamo para empezar con un negocio

Now that we have seen the main features that Younited Credit offers us, we are going to see how we can request a loan to open a business.

The process that we need to follow to obtain these ten thousand euros is very simple, since it complies with the easy processing process that we are used to finding within the platforms of the sector.


The steps to follow are those:

  1. Access the website of the financial institution you have chosen
  2. Here you can find a simulator tool in which by entering the capital that you are interested in obtaining and the repayment term, the applied interests will be calculated automatically
  3. The next thing will be to fill out an online form with our personal data. This is basic information that the lender requires to carry out a study of our credit history as well as verify that we comply with all the requirements
  4. After the form, we will be required to include a copy of certain documentation. The most common is that it is a copy of our DNI or NIE, proof of income (it does not have to be exclusively a payroll) and an extract of the bank account in which we want the money to be made
  5. Finally, we will have to wait for the platform to verify all the information that we have provided and send us a response informing us if the request has been accepted or denied.

After reading our instructions we see that obtaining loans to start a business is a similar process to the one we have to follow to obtain, for example, financing for lower amounts of money . This is because the platforms offer a standard processing system for their services, regardless of the amount.

However, we must bear in mind that the higher the capital we want to obtain, the higher the requirements that we will have to meet, given that the risk assumed by the entity in the event of a default is greater.

Credits to start business

And so far our entry dedicated to credit services to start a business.

Taking the first steps to undertake can seem like an almost impossible dream when we have no way to access financing. However, and as we have seen today, there are credit products focused on entrepreneurs who need liquidity to start developing their ideas.

We hope that through all the information that we have offered you, you can solve all your doubts. If not, write to us , we will be happy to help you as we have done with Marga.


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