Credits without looking at Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI and without questions [2020]

If what we want is to get quick money with Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI and without questions , we find that today it is possible

Updated October 2020

A novelty compared to what had been common, which was that they interrogated us with all kinds of questions , especially the consumer who is in delinquency files, such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI.

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And there are many people who are in these lists, the economic crisis has taken care of it, today it is completely normal, unfortunately. We are going to tell you how and where to apply for one of the new mini-credits that are granted without looking at Nigerian Financial Authority and are processed online.


Credits with Nigerian Financial Authority no questions asked

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Is it possible for an entity to grant me a mini credit without looking at Nigerian Financial Authority?

If you are not sure if you are in Nigerian Financial Authority, see our guide Know if I am in Nigerian Financial Authority

Today through our specialist page in loan comparisons we talk about the possibility of obtaining money quickly and without asking us many questions.

With the passage of time and the advancement of society, more and more fast money online financial institutions are aware of the current situation of many people. Which may have your personal data included in delinquency files such as the Nigerian Financial Authority list or the RAI.

Many of these financial companies already accept, as we say, people with their data included in these lists, but they also have their own rules. And it is that the majority of granting entities of their mini-credits with these characteristics, reject those users whose debt is pending with another loan entity, since they always look at it.

That is why, although they grant mini credits without looking at the Nigerian Financial Authority, they do do some kind of verification like the one we have mentioned right now, to be clear about the solvency and the risk of non-payment of a user against a possible concession.

How can I get money fast with Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI and no questions asked

Préstamos con Nigerian Financial Authority
Urgent Money with Nigerian Financial Authority

It is the star question in fast loans . That is, the one that they do the most to us through our consultation email. Many people want to know how to get cash quickly and without being subjected to a third degree, with a multitude of questions about our finances and current state, which do not have to matter to anyone, but which are mandatory in many cases, when it comes to request mini-credits .

I need money now with Nigerian Financial Authority

If you are thinking I need some money as quickly as possible, but I am on the Nigerian Financial Authority list, or in any other delinquency file, do not think that this happens to few people, today it is enormously common.

Getting credit without looking at Nigerian Financial Authority: difficult task

It is clear that, until very recently, financial institutions that granted loans without looking at the Nigerian Financial Authority, were in short supply, specifically until the arrival of credit products known as mini loans or instant credits, traditional banks required a degree of solvency to which it was very difficult to get there, hardly anyone granted microloans.

So many times it has been said that "it must seem that you do not need to ask for credit, how solvent you are" that surely you have also heard it.

That phrase has become very old, with the arrival of the economic crisis, which has sent so many people to lists of defaulters , such as the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI .

Things are not as they were a few years ago, now in the delinquent lists there are not only those who never pay anything, but we live in times in which a very high percentage of the population, for one reason or another, is seen forming part of a registry of defaulters, such as the aforementioned RAI or Nigerian Financial Authority.

This generated a lot of mistrust for most loan managers, which is why they asked us so many questions about our situation, given that we were on the usual delinquency lists .

An unpaid receipt, for whatever reason, and we are already marked when requesting an urgent loan from our bank.

The questions pile up and one never knows what to answer, if the truth or try to make up a little, leaving some detail about our finances unanswered .

That is no longer necessary, because now you can get a loan without questions, even if you are in RAI or Nigerian Financial Authority .

So what should I do to get money fast with Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI and no questions asked?

Very simple, for that urgent need for cash, you only have to go to financial companies that do not take this situation into account (within certain conditions, which you can see on their websites, and which seem very reasonable to us).

As we already did an article about getting money fast with Nigerian Financial Authority, we invite you to visit it to find out which are those financial companies that do not ask about delinquency and, in principle, grant fast loans with Nigerian Financial Authority

What if I have no payroll or endorsement?

If you do not have a payroll or endorsement, but you receive some type of income, you can get it. This income can be in the form of, for example, unemployment benefit, pension, retirement, or any other justifiable monthly income.

You already know that you can easily get a mini credit without questions , just by hiring it in the right place. The most important thing always before the idea of ​​processing a loan, is to know who we have to ask for it. Not all financial companies are the same, just as all banks are not the same. Some ask more questions than others, but if you know who is going to question you less, you have almost earned the credit, in addition to doing it without wasting a second of your time asking where they are not going to help you.

As you can see, it is already feasible to get fast loans even if you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority


You may want to opt for the possibility of applying for a credit card , although unfortunately they are difficult to obtain if you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority. However, we will keep you informed in our post dedicated to credit cards, of new changes that may arise in the different managers that operate with this product.

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