Where do I get a loan to pay back in 12 months? [2020]

There are Internet finance companies that allow you to apply for 12-month loans (or other terms) paying in monthly installments

Updated: October 2020
Today we bring you the query of a user who writes to us asking if it is possible to request credits to be returned in 12 months. You want to know more? : you have found the website about the loans you need . Keep reading!

"I need a loan to be repaid in 12 months"préstamo 12meses

Hello! I am Sergio from Barcelona and I would like to know if it is possible to apply for loans to pay in 12 months in total . I would need 800 euros, in addition, I am working (so I have a payroll), and I am not in the Nigerian Financial Authority. What are the financial where to get a quick loan to return in a year? Thank you!

Credit in twelve months: where to get it?

If we need to apply for a loan in 12 months as asked by our user Sergio, we have at our disposal several entities that offer us this loan service.


Next, we are going to see which are the financial companies where we can get a loan to be returned in 1 year:

Younited Credit

Younited Credit Logo

  • It offers you: From € 1000 to € 40,000
  • Refund: Minimum 24 months - Maximum 72 months
  • Variable APR from 6.95% to 19.90%
  • Opening commissions from 0% to 12%
  • Does not accept applications with Nigerian Financial Authority

Visit the Younited Credit file

Loans to be repaid in 12 months with Nigerian Financial Authority

If this is your case, you can also request a credit to be returned in 12 months by being with the Nigerian Financial Authority, here:



  • It offers you: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Refund: 61 days minimum - 36 months maximum
  • Accept profiles with annotations in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI
  • After approving your application, receive the income in 15 minutes

Visit the Creditea file

Financing in one year, in installments and with debts

Although it is not exactly the query that Sergio sends us, it is also possible that what we need are 12-month loans with Nigerian Financial Authority.

This is financing to which we can have access even when our personal data is included in files associated with late payment.

As we can see, nowadays we can get loans with Nigerian Financial Authority with the same facilities as any other type of loan.

This is because there are entities that offer us this service, without this characteristic being an exclusive reason that does not allow us to request the loan.

A perfect example of this is found within what Creditea offers us and we told you a little above.


I am looking for fast credits to repay in 3 months: Do these platforms serve me?

If we want to streamline the process and pay the amount borrowed in less time, such as, for example, it would be the case of quick loans to return in 3 months , we also have options within several of the platforms that are part of our comparator.

In the event that we are interested in obtaining financing to return it in a period of less than twelve months, we have to opt for the proposals that we find in our comparator, since these are for now the platforms that offer us a longer period of time reduced to be able to pay all the borrowed money as soon as possible.

We have to bear in mind that the platforms that offer us loans to pay for a year usually offer financing for amounts of money that are far from what we can obtain through a mini online credit.

Consequently, the return periods are also longer.

However, we must know that if you are interested in obtaining a quick loan to be repaid in 3-month installments, we can hire it. We just have to opt for the mentioned platforms: Creditea and Younited Credit.

How do loans to repay in several installments work?

préstamo a plazos

If we want to know how exactly the loans to repay in terms of one year work, we are in the right place , since then we are going to talk about everything that the request for this service implies.

When we talk about one-year loans, we are referring to financing that allows us to have an amount of money to be repaid in monthly installments, which are divided into a total of 12 months.

In this way, if, for example, we request 2000 euros to be returned within a year, we would divide the amount to be returned in monthly installments with which we would pay an approximate amount of 166 euros month by month, plus the corresponding commissions applied.

The credits to be repaid in installments are a source of financing with which we can get money for what we need , and that we can comfortably return month by month, adjusting to our monthly budget.

This service differs from mini loans in that apart from offering larger amounts of money, it allows us to pay in installments, instead of having to pay the entire amount borrowed in a single payment. This feature is one of the most striking of the service, due to the convenience of being able to pay a small amount every month until the total capital is covered.

What if I stop paying my long-term credit?

Hiring a long-term loan requires a significant degree of commitment , since for twelve months (or as long as we need) we will have to pay a monthly fee that will be added to the total of our usual expenses.

The advantages of this service are clear: quick processing, financing for fairly high capital amounts and, in addition, convenience for repayment by paying month to month.

For this reason, one of the most important aspects that we must take into account before proceeding to make an application for installment credit is to anticipate this new expense and be sure that we will be able to meet the monthly payments , until we finish pay our credit amount in full.

What happens if I don't pay the fee?

If not, it is important to know that a possible non-payment of long-term installments will generate a progressive increase in the amount owed: The more months we stop paying, the higher the commissions for non-payment that will be generated.

In addition, a continued non-payment over time will end up being communicated to delinquency lists such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI, preventing us from contracting an installment loan service (or any other financial service ) in the future until we pay all the debt. pending.

However, within many platforms we have options to be able to extend the payment of the monthly payments for a certain period of time. This alternative is much more recommended than stopping paying the installments.

How to request a mini credit to pay for a year?

We are going to see now how the process of applying for a mini loan to be repaid in 12 months works , a procedure that we can carry out entirely electronically through the Internet, without leaving home, and without the need to fill out and review an endless amount of paperwork.

All these characteristics offer us a good list of advantages but that nevertheless require good planning on our part since before processing our financing we have to take into account that for 12 months (or the period of time we choose) we will have to add an extra expense to our monthly budget.

With this in mind, we are going to see step by step what we are going to find when processing the request for our mini-credit to be repaid in the long term for 12 months.

We have to follow the following indications:

  • First of all, we must bear in mind that if we want to request a loan to be paid in 6 months (or a year), we must know all the options that are within our reach and compare between them, especially if we need to get a mini loan with Nigerian Financial Authority , since not all private loan companies offer us this feature.
  • Once we have found the financial institution that best suits the type of financing we want to request, we will access its website.
  • Here we can find a small form in which we will have to enter the amount of money we want to request through our credit, as well as the total number of months we want to have for the repayment of our loan. Once we have entered this information on the page, we can see how the total interest is automatically calculated that we will have to add to the total requested.
  • Once we have reviewed the total amount of money that we will have to return in our loan to pay in 12 months, we will fill in a slightly more extensive form in which we will have to include very simple information such as, for example, our full name, DNI o NIE, address, telephone number and account number.
  • With these data, the financial entity to which we are going to make our request, will be in charge of verifying that our profile as an applicant meets all the necessary requirements, as well as verifying that all the data is correct.
  • After this, we will only have to wait for all these checks to be carried out, and the financial company informs us through our email or our mobile phone if our loan has been accepted.

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