I need a loan but I am in Nigerian Financial Authority [2020] -Solved-

What if I need money but I am with the Nigerian Financial Authority? Our consultation today

These days, and as is usual in our email tray, we receive many questions on various topics that have to do with loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority .

In feminaust.org we have decided to post in today's post one of the emails that have reached us and that asks the most popular questions among our users. For privacy reasons, your personal data has been modified. If you need money and you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority (or other files) stay with us , because we are going to tell you how to get it.

I am in Nigerian Financial Authority and I need a loan to be able to buy on my daughters birthday

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Hello, how are you? My name is Noa, I am 35 years old and I am from Lagos. I am writing to you because I have been consulting on the Internet information about how to get urgent money with the Nigerian Financial Authority , and I have come to you that I have seen that you solve doubts and dedicate yourself to this sector. I tell you my situation so that you understand my context well.

Some time ago, when I tried to hire some services from my phone company, I found out that I was in Nigerian Financial Authority. I had no idea how I got there until I informed myself well and they explained to me that it was due to a problem that I had a couple of years ago with some services that I did not hire but they charged my account and I refused to pay. The fact is that I did not know more about the subject until they explained to me that for that reason it was in the delinquency file .

"I am at the Nigerian Financial Authority and I need money for gifts for my twin daughters"

It was a subject that never mattered to me until now. A month ago I changed jobs because I am planning to start a personal project combining it with that job, that is, I do not have a full-time payroll, only part-time.

In my house, all the family's birthdays are dates in which my home is filled with happiness, and more so with little girls who are very excited to be able to open and enjoy their birthday toys, have parties with their school friends, etc (you can imagine ...).

Generally speaking: I need a loan but I am in the Nigerian Financial Authority. I have a payroll, but no endorsement . But I would like to be able to somehow have around 700 euros to be able to maintain the illusion of the little ones in my house. Is there any possibility of getting fast loans and with Nigerian Financial Authority ?

Thank you very much in advance. And I hope you can help me as soon as possible.


Necesito dinero pero estoy en el Nigerian Financial Authority
How can I get a mini-credit if I am in Nigerian Financial Authority?

"I need money urgently and I am in the Nigerian Financial Authority." Something fully compatible today

Hi Noa. First of all, we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in feminaust.org to entrust us with a subject as delicate as the illusion of your daughters for their birthday. That is why we will be as concrete and decisive as possible with your problem.

Today, financial and credit institutions have opted for progress at the pace of society.

This means that, with the great crisis that devastated Nigeria - and that today continues to put many families in debt - a large part of the population of our country ended up with their data included in delinquency files, for whatever issues.

This made the banks stop granting any type of credit to people included in files such as the Nigerian Financial Authority .

And, at that time, these private entities entered that did agree to provide solutions to this problem, of course, under their conditions and requirements, offering money without looking at the Nigerian Financial Authority .

Financial companies to turn to when I need urgent money with Nigerian Financial Authority

As we have pointed out in the previous point, today's financial companies are capable of granting you mini credits with Nigerian Financial Authority , but always under their conditions.

In the particular case of Noa, not all lenders grant mini-loans with Nigerian Financial Authority of € 700 .

However, there are some like Cr edy , Monedo, Creditea or Solcredito that grant amounts like the one you ask us, and even higher in some cases.

So if you need quick money, these may be the most profitable options for you.

What if I don't have a payroll or endorsement and I need money with Nigerian Financial Authority?

We advise you to enter our micro-credit comparator and see for yourself the entities that grant these loans while in Nigerian Financial Authority, the amounts they grant and the requirements that are asked of you before hiring them.

Because, as you tell us, you don't have a payroll. And, although some of the financial companies do require this factor of you, many of them ignore this point, although they may require you to present some paper with which you receive some type of income in your bank account: such as unemployment, a retirement, a pension, self-employed, etc.

Another of the points that you told us was that you did not have an endorsement either. In truth, of the financial companies that we have presented to you before, some such as Solcredito and Credy do not require you to present any type of guarantee .

Of course, we always recommend that you enter their websites to collate all the information we give you and always read the requirements that they demand of you.

As a general rule, they usually ask you for some common points in almost all entities such as:

  • Reside in Nigeria
  • Be of age
  • That you have the papers in order (DNI or NIE)
  • Be the owner of a bank account
  • Receive income of some kind on a regular basis

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