Where do I apply for a loan as a payroll advance? -RESOLVED-

Applying for a loan or credit as a "payroll advance" allows us to have access to a part of our salary in advance

Updated: October 2020
It can be a solution for those times when we need a quick extra cash to cover any type of unexpected expense. This article is based on the idea that you have not been able to get an advance in your company. This should obviously be the first option to consult.

Today at eldinerorápido , once again, we bring you the query of one of our users who asks us about how to get a payroll advance.

Then we leave you with all the options that we have available to request an advance of our payroll through the Internet.


If you want to save time, you can go directly to our quick credit comparators (from € 1000) or mini-credits (up to € 1000) . In the event that you are in a delinquency file, we have separated for you the fast loans accepted by the Nigerian Financial Authority and the mini-credits with the Nigerian Financial Authority .


"I need to request a payroll advance"

Hi, I'm Mario (from Seville). This query is because I need money and I have thought of sending you this email to ask you for information about how to request a payroll advance. I want to know if there is any financial institution that can offer me this service, since I am urgent to get a mini credit of 300 euros. Thanks and best regards!

Request for advance or advance of money with payroll

Solicitud de anticipo de nómina

If we want to manage the payroll advance request through the network, we have many options available, which we can consult directly in our credit comparator.

Here you can find information about what each entity offers us, as well as their main requirements.

However, before opting to request an advance on our payroll through the Internet at financial online, it is advisable to contact our company and request the advance directly from it. In order to save on commissions.

However, it may happen that this option is not available. The alternative in this case would be to opt for a fast mini-credit, which will allow us to access money in a matter of minutes without questions.

What are my options?

According to what our user tells us through his email, he needs money as a payroll advance worth 300 euros , so in financial companies such as Solcredito or Kredito24, among many other options, he could have access to this without paperwork, without endorsement, and in a matter of minutes.

These platforms are loan search engines, where we can request up to a maximum amount of € 300 in our first request, in a fast process and without endorsement, with a maximum of 30 days for its return.

Payroll Advances with Nigerian Financial Authority

Anticipo de nómina con Nigerian Financial Authority
Click on the image to see loans with Nigerian Financial Authority

Another option that we must take into account is payroll advances with the Nigerian Financial Authority. There is the possibility that even though we have a payroll, we have some debt on lists associated with delinquencies such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI.

In our post dedicated to credits with Nigerian Financial Authority you will find a selection of the main financial institutions that offer these loans to profiles with annotations in files, which allow us to have access to small money credits that will act as a payroll advance with Nigerian Financial Authority .

Going back to the email that our user Mario sent us in search of information about payroll advances , it is possible that you need to access payroll advances with the Nigerian Financial Authority.

For this reason, we recommend you, once again, visit our comparator where you can find information about the entities that offer this service.


Won't they ask me questions if I have debts?

As we said, if we have pending defaults but we want to request a part of our salary as an advance, we have options to do so through mini loans with Nigerian Financial Authority.

These are platforms that have specialized in offering small amounts of money and where it is not seen that applicants can have annotations in delinquency files. In addition, there will be no uncomfortable questions that we have to answer: as long as we meet the necessary requirements, we can obtain the money without difficulties.

I want to request a payroll advance from the company

In the first place, if we need money in advance of our collection day, it is advisable to choose to request a payroll advance from the company for which we work, since in this way we can avoid having to pay the interest on the advance.

However, it is possible that we cannot have this option as a solution to get an advance on our payroll , so as an alternative we find a large number of financial institutions that allow us to have access to quick loans with which to get advance money in minutes.

Throughout his query, our user Mario has not specified to us whether he has already assessed this possibility, so during the previous paragraphs we have already seen that we can request credits as money advances (with and without Nigerian Financial Authority) as a possible alternative.

How does a salary advance work?

Cómo funciona el anticipo de nómina

If we want to know how the payroll advance works through a mini-credit we have come to the right place, since along these lines we are going to see everything that this process implies.

We consider as a payroll advance an extra money belonging to our salary that we can have after the deadline.

That is, in advance of our collection day.

It is a way to get extra money to face unexpected expenses, or to give ourselves a little whim for which we do not want to wait.

As a general rule, if we want to request a payroll advance we have to contact our company, which will be in charge of managing the entire process, and enter a percentage of our payroll as an advance into our account. However, we may find that our company does not offer us this possibility, so we will have to choose to request a payroll advance through a mini loan.

A credit service through which we can have access to small amounts of money quickly, without paperwork, and entirely through the Internet.

A practical case

If, for example, like our user Mario, we need a quick credit worth three hundred euros at the end of the month, we can request a mini credit for this amount of money, which will act as an advance on our payroll, since in the within a month (or whatever we choose when handling our request), we will have to return it, with the sum of your interests.

Now that we know how payroll advances with loans work, we can value this credit service as a perfect alternative to an advance through which we can have money at the time we need it.

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