Where do I get loans without a card in 2020 - [SOLVED]

Loans without a card are made effective through a direct transfer to our checking account, without intermediaries

If you are looking for information on credits and loans without a card: you have come to the right place . Here we are going to collect the main entities that offer you these credit services that will be paid directly to your checking account with a bank transfer.


Where can I apply for loans without a credit card?

Entities in which we can have access to credits without a credit card quickly and easily, receiving the amount requested in our credit in the form of direct deposit in our checking account.

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  • Quantity: From € 100 to € 1,000
  • Return period : From 5 days to 30 days
  • Accepts Nigerian Financial Authority : YES

Requirements : Age between 18 and 80 years old. Reside in Nigeria. Be the owner of a bank account. Justify some type of income (payroll, benefit, retirement, self-employed, etc).

Stands out in : Very fast. They offer fast loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and without endorsement. First mini-credit without commissions.

  • Example: € 300 for 30 days would have a cost of 0 euros, thanks to its promotion of free fast first mini-credit (without commissions)

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What are fast credits without a card?

Qué son los créditos rápidos sin tarjeta

Now that we have been able to know which are the main entities in which we can request fast credits without a card, we are going to see what exactly this financing service consists of.

When we refer to fast loans that can be requested without requiring credit or debit cards, we are talking about financing that is made effective through our personal checking account in the form of income.

For example, if we request a loan without a card of 300 euros in any of the entities that we talked about above, we will find that, once our data is verified according to the requirements of the entity and our request is accepted, the income of the money requested will be made directly through the current account that we have provided in the application form. In the form of a bank transfer.

It is for this reason that we call this service under the name of fast credit without a card , since we receive the entire amount requested through bank transfer, without intermediaries or credit cards.

What if I am in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI?

If you find yourself included in a delinquency file, we invite you to visit the selection that we have prepared for you of loans that accept Nigerian Financial Authority.

You can choose between the entities that fit your current situation, in this case they are without looking at Nigerian Financial Authority .

In case you do not know if you are in Nigerian Financial Authority, we will tell you to know it for free in the post Know if I am in Nigerian Financial Authority .

Quick loans that do not need a card: advantages

Ventajas de los préstamos rápidos sin tarjeta de crédito

One of the main advantages offered by quick loans without a credit card is the immediacy with which we can receive the transfer in our bank account.

As a general rule, entities specialized in on-the-spot loans through the Internet have coverage for the vast majority of banks that operate in national territory.

Thus, if the transfers are made within the accounts hosted in the same bank, they are reflected in a matter of minutes. However, it is possible that the financial institution that we have chosen to request our loan does not work with our bank.

For this reason, you will have to carry out this operation from an account hosted in another bank.

How long will I have to wait?

In this case, the transfer of the amount of our fast loan without a credit card could take a variable interval of 48 to 72 hours .

It is for this reason that if we need the money to enter urgently, we recommend first contacting the entity to consult the immediacy with which the transfer will be made effective.

The fastest in terms of being able to obtain the money ready to spend on what we need are the mini credits : since they are not very large amounts, the platforms send the total requested instantly after accepting the request.

Here you have an example

Let's imagine an example in which we want to request a loan of 300 euros to fix an urgent breakdown at home.

In this case, the possibility of getting the money from our credit directly to our bank account in just a few minutes becomes an important advantage, since we will have it at our disposal to invest in whatever we need.

Another advantage that we find in quick loans without credit cards is the convenience of receiving a direct transfer in our checking account , without visiting any office and without leaving home: everything is managed through the Internet.

Convenience when managing the entire process is one of the star characteristics offered by entities specialized in online loans.

However, in the case of credits that are obtained without a card, it becomes a property that is even more important since we do not have to resort to any other intermediary (such as an ATM to get the loan through a card ) to dispose of money quickly.


How to request money in this situation?

Cómo puedo solicitar dinero sin tarjeta de crédito

Finally, we are going to see how we can request money without a credit card, so that those of our users who are going to hire this service for the first time, can know step by step everything that they are going to find.

  • To start with our financing application we have to access the web platform of the entity that we have chosen

We will make this selection according to the characteristics that the financial company offers us, in order to process our application in the one that best suits our requirements as an applicant.

  • Once we are clear about the entity that best suits our needs to get money without a credit card , we will have to access their website

How much money do I get and how long do I have?

On the websites of the entities we are going to find a credit simulation tool, in which we will have to introduce two different variables : one corresponding to the amount of money we want to request , for example 400 euros or a loan of 1000 euros , and another corresponding to the total number of days (or longer periods), for example 12 months , if the entity allows payment in several installments, which we need to repay the loan.

In general, especially if it is the first loan that we request from a particular finance company , the maximum they usually grant is 300 euros, although not all.

When we have entered these two data, we will see how a simulation of the total cost that our loan will have is automatically calculated, allowing us to see the total interests of the operation .

Thus, we can quickly see an approximation of the cost that our credit will have and the total money that we have to return, once the requested period of days or months has elapsed.

  • The next step to continue with our credit application without a card will consist of filling in an online form in which we will have to provide a series of basic personal data

These are necessary so that the financial institution to which we are going to send our loan application can verify our identity and that we meet all the necessary requirements.

The data that we have to provide are:

  1. Full name
  2. DNI or NIE
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Bank account number
  6. Employment situation. Included if you are self-employed
  7. Proof of monthly income

As we can see, it is very basic and simple data that we can fill in quickly.

Although, on the other hand, you see that it is not true that they can be achieved only with the DNI, as some advertisements on the Internet show, as we told you in our post about credits only DNI

When we have finished with this form we will simply have to wait for the finance company to check all the data sent.

The wait will not take more than a few minutes, so it will not take long for us to receive a response from the entity informing us about whether our request has been accepted.

Finally, in the event that our loan without a credit card has been accepted , we will receive the deposit of the money directly into our checking account.

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