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Online credits on the spot. What are they and where to request them

It is becoming more and more common that in the inquiries you make to us, online loans are one of the common factors that most abound in our inbox. For this reason, and if you are interested in this question, keep reading because we are going to inform you of its requirements and characteristics .

I need a loan on the spot with Nigerian Financial Authority

Next, we are going to show you one of the doubts that we have received by mail, which has been sent to us by a user - whose personal data has been changed out of respect and privacy.

Consulta de usuario

Hello good day. My name is Pablo and I am from Toledo. I am contacting you because I need money. I am a bit lost in this of requesting mini-credits online on the spot . It is the first time that I see myself in the situation of having to resort to them and it is for the following reason. I have been spending a lot of money in a season because my family and I have moved house and we are renovating our new home. In other words, we are having a lot of expenses for furniture and appliances. The fact is that right now we would need an extra of about € 300, would need, as they say, a small incentive in the form of money on the spot, to be able to continue renovating the house and be able to live comfortably.

«I want money for today but I have debts»

However, from what I have been able to read so far, the fact of being in the Nigerian Financial Authority can have a great impact when it comes to requesting credits while in the Nigerian Financial Authority . Although from what I have read on your website, it would not have to be a reason why a credit application was pushed back , right?

As you can see I am quite lost, and I do not know very well where to go to apply for this type of loan. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.



Get your loan instantly in the simplest and fastest way

Dear Pablo, to begin with, we want to thank you for trusting feminaust.org to solve such important questions for something as personal as forming a home.

But first of all we want to tell you something very important: everything you are asking us is possible. Although, of course it depends on the credit profile of each one.

Currently it is possible to apply for a mini loan with debts at the Nigerian Financial Authority .

Then we are going to update you, and we advise you on those financial companies that grant this that you are asking us and even more things, such as obtaining loans on the spot without endorsement.

Financial companies that grant credits in the act online and with defaults

Next, we are going to list those entities that grant money on the spot even though we are included in delinquency files such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI.

It is also specified which of them grant these quick loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority without the need to provide a mandatory guarantee.

In general terms, the companies that we are going to present to you next enter the money to the users in approximately 15 minutes .

It is possible that, depending on the banking entities to which we belong, or the days in which we request the money (be it working or not), it may take up to 48 hours, but the normal thing is to get the money practically at the moment.

This is our selection of platforms:

  • Solcredito : one of the most used options in the world of online credits on the spot. Its offer allows you to request from € 50 to € 1,000 . And if you have already requested money with them, they extend the maximum limit to 3,000. However, if it is your first time with them, you can benefit from another of their "free first loan" offer. This means that you would not pay commissions. Grant your loans even if you are in the Nigerian Financial Authority and you do not have an endorsement.
  • Creditea : it is another of the financial entities that grant economic loans being in the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI, for amounts between € 500 and € 5,000 . In addition, it has the addition of being able to finance it up to 36 months.
  • Cashper : it is one of the oldest companies. Also, they are very quick to respond to inquiries about loans. They grant up to € 500 Prices are very competitive and of course they accept RAI and Nigerian Financial Authority.
  • Credy : last on the list, but no less important. Credy grants loans from € 50 to € 750 regardless of the client's inclusion in delinquency files such as RAI or Nigerian Financial Authority. In addition, it is not necessary to present an endorsement to grant them and the process to obtain them is very simple and without paperwork.

Online loans on the spot or fast online credits. A breakthrough

Fast online loans have been gaining strength and importance for several years , specifically since the economic crisis that devastated Nigeria led to banks, our main loan entities, putting us many obstacles to request money, especially if we want to have access to him on the spot.

And, one of the main reasons that led to this situation was the inclusion of a large number of people in delinquency files, such as the Nigerian Financial Authority .

Hence the success of online entities that now process personal loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority, a time when it is still relatively difficult for them to grant amounts greater than 1,000 euros.


That is why online financial companies like the ones we present in today's comparison, made obtaining mini loans a very simple action .

Obviously, these credit companies have their rules and requirements (and price ...), but they made it easier for many people who were affected by any non-payment (many times, due to trivial problems such as with telephone companies), to access, on the spot, to these new mini-credits.

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