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Today through our page eldinerorápido we bring you an entry dedicated to solving a query that one of our readers sends us, who asks us. Where can I apply for credit to finance my wedding? ».

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Fast Money Logo "Where to apply for loans to finance my wedding?"

«Hello El Dinero Rápido team! I'm writing to you why I need a loan to finance my wedding. We plan to hold a simple event, so as an extra to pay for everything we would like to get a quick credit of € 1,000 at least , although I could use a little more money, even up to 5,000 euros. I have payroll, and I am not with the Nigerian Financial Authority. What options are there?."




If in your case you are in Nigerian Financial Authority, we recommend you visit the selection that we have prepared on credits with Nigerian Financial Authority

Platforms where to request credits to get married (or for whatever you want)

Responding to the query of our user, we will see directly which are the recommended entities to request a wedding loan. As our user needs financing from a thousand euros, let's see which are the best platforms that offer us amounts from this figure.

The options we have in our comparisons are the following:

Currency (up to 5,000 euros)

Younited Credit (up to 50,000 euros)

You can see other quick credits with Nigerian Financial Authority here


If you want to visit our comparison of the best fast loans that are granted online, click on this link and it will take you directly

Is there financing for weddings?

Financiación para bodas

We have just seen on which platforms we can find financing options for weddings with which to get that extra income of money with which to be able to face all the expenses that this celebration entails.

Therefore, yes, there are credit platforms to celebrate a wedding, even entities that offer mini-loans for small amounts of cash.

Through these, we can get extra money for our link. However, these are not platforms specialized in these events, but rather they are online financial entities that are experts in offering financial credits that we can spend on whatever we need (such as our link).

Although for many people the celebration of marriage is one of the most important events that they are going to carry out, we cannot ignore that it is an occasion that brings with it a large amount of expenses for both the groom and the bride , as well as their respective families.

We have to bear in mind that obtaining financing for matrimonial ties helps us to face all the expenses that will appear , such as dresses, alliances, ceremony, decoration, banquet, among a long list of possibilities that extends according to the type of event that we want to celebrate.

The cost of celebrating a marriage bond

Getting married "on terms" in Nigeria is not cheap and therefore it is not surprising that seeking financing for a "hitchhiker" has become a necessary option for many couples.

Therefore, before starting to plan our wedding, one of the fundamental steps that we cannot ignore is the calculation of an approximate budget that informs us of how much money we are going to need to invest in the entire event.

Through a budget we will manage to organize expenses, see what are the essential things that we cannot ignore, as well as have an approximate idea of ​​the total money that we are going to spend.

Thus, if we need it, we can request credits to finance a link as an investment for the future that will help us make all that we had planned for this event come true.

With this we do not mean that from the Quick Money platform we encourage our users to do business with their wedding, of course, but that does not mean that it is a fairly common option since starting a married life has many costs, what do you do? let's count…

Credits and loans to celebrate a marriage

Créditos y préstamos para bodas

If you have already started to make an approximate budget of the money that you will need in your link and have come to the conclusion that you are going to need an extra, wedding credits are an option that you should take into account.

A few paragraphs above we offered you a selection of financiers that may offer you loans, so that you can have enough money to pay all the expenses derived from your marriage.

Despite the fact that throughout this post we are talking exclusively about weddings, we cannot ignore that we can obtain financing through personal loans to cover any other type of celebration that is special for us.

They won't ask you questions

One of the great advantages that specialized credit platforms have is that we can request financing quickly through the Internet, without leaving home, and with the assurance that once our application is approved we will be able to have the money in a matter of minutes , so if we need urgent money to start preparations as quickly as possible, we will not have to wait since, as we mentioned, the process of entering the money once our application is approved is done immediately.

In addition, you will not have to explain to the entity in what you are going to invest the borrowed money.

Therefore, we recommend that if you are thinking of applying for loans to finance a marriage bond, you choose to make an exhaustive preliminary budget with which you can analyze and collect all the expenses that the celebration will generate, prioritizing between the different options, in order to know the money that we will need to request.

I want a loan to finance my wedding event. How I requested?

Applying for a loan to finance my wedding is just as simple as managing any other type of loan over the Internet , since one of the great advantages offered by specialized financial companies in the sector is precisely the speed of service, and confidentiality, already They are not going to ask us about what we are going to invest the money in.

So to start with our financing request we have to, first of all, choose a platform that is compatible with our profile, and that offers us the amount of money we want to get.

Inclusion in Nigerian Financial Authority What if I am in the file?

To be sure that we are going to choose the entity that is most compatible with what we need, it is important that we compare the different financial companies that offer personal loans with the Nigerian Financial Authority in the sector, in order to verify both the maximum amounts they offer, as well as as if they offer financing focused on profiles included in delinquency lists.

Above we offer you options in which we can request a loan to finance a wedding: however, there are many more financial companies that could interest us, in the event that we need to request an amount of less than a thousand euros.

They are the platforms that currently offer mini credits with Nigerian Financial Authority.

Once we are sure of the entity from which we are going to request our financing, we have to access its website, where in its credit simulation tool we will have to enter both the amount of money we want to request, as well as the total number of days of which we want to have to return the borrowed capital.

After this, the most common thing that we are going to find in most financial entities in the sector, will be a form in which we will have to enter a series of very simple personal data, although not as scarce as some entities would have you believe, as you we talk in the post mini-credits only DNI

We list them, here:

  • Full name
  • Number
  • DNI or NIE
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Bank account number

The financial company will use this data to verify our identity and check our credit history, in order to make sure that our profile is compatible with their requirements.

And to finish

This process will not take more than a few minutes, so as soon as we send the form filled out with our personal data, we will not have to wait long to receive a response from the financial company that will inform us whether or not to grant us the loan to finance links that we have requested.

In the event that our loan application is approved, we will only have to wait for the money transfer to become effective in our account, a process that usually works as fast as the application management, so in the case If ours is compatible with the banking entities with which the financial company works, we will be able to have the money in less than 10 minutes.

A quick and easy process through which we can request credits to finance a wedding in a matter of minutes.


Financing ideas for getting married

Ideas de financiación para bodas

Celebrating a wedding is always a special event that we want to be unforgettable for both us and our guests.

That is why many of us choose to finance our wedding and have the budget that allows us to turn all our ideas into reality.

When we celebrate a wedding, we all appreciate being able to have a little extra budget to help us include in the celebration all those things with which to turn our wedding into a unique experience, despite the fact that sometimes this means spending more money than we had thought initially. However, we have a large number of financiers that can help us find ideas to finance our marriage.

Avoiding in this way that this event becomes such an aggressive expense for our pocket.

An alternative to get money for the event

One of the best options that we can find today to finance our wedding is to request a loan, which we can use both as a backup to cover all the expenses derived from this celebration, as a direct source of financing that we will use to pay everything what we want to include in the celebration.

So if we are looking for a good method of financing for my wedding, throughout this post you will be able to find many options in the form of financial companies that offer you credits with which you will be able to face all the expenses derived from this type of parties.

"I want to request a loan for my wedding"

When we talk about weddings, we all take into account that these are very important celebrations in our lives, that we all want to share with our family and enjoy to the fullest and that sometimes cause us to have to ask for a loan for my wedding.

There are many different ways to celebrate these types of events: simple weddings with few guests, intimate celebrations, as well as luxury weddings celebrated in style.

There are many options that exist, however, all these types of celebration have something in common: they generate expenses.

Regardless of the type of wedding that we have chosen to celebrate, we must bear in mind that we will need to make a good budget in which to include all the costs, since everything we are going to plan will have a price that, in the vast majority of Sometimes, it will generate that the budget that we wanted to invest in the beginning, is scarce.

However, we have the possibility of requesting a loan for my marriage through specialized financial institutions , where we can get money in a matter of minutes, ready to invest in everything we need.

Obtaining financing for our wedding through a loan is a good resource that will help us to have an important extra in our budget, and with which we can pay all the expenses generated from the celebration.

Is it a good idea to ask for a loan to get married?

Quiero solicitar un préstamo para mi boda

Whether you are thinking about "I need a loan to get married", or if you need a loan for any other celebration, the main thing you should take into account when filling out your application is to use common sense.

By this we mean that requesting financing to cover any type of expense is a good idea as long as we do it from responsibility, taking into account that we are going to request a credit product that we will have to return within a limited time interval, and that You are going to need us to organize our budget for the future, programming both the payment of the borrowed capital and the interest generated by it.

So we can affirm that when we apply for a loan to celebrate a wedding (or for any other celebration) from this perspective, it is an excellent solution with which we can meet each and every one of the event's expenses.

It is important to compare before choosing, to look for information about the requirements of each of the financial companies that interest us, in order to find the one that best suits what we need at the moment, and that offers us more facilities at the time of the return of the money, since, for example, not all financial entities allow us to return the amount of our credit in monthly payments that are paid month by month.

In summary: Yes, it is a good idea to ask for a loan to get married , as long as we take into account our situation, and how we are going to deal with the repayment of credit.

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