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In this entity you will be able to find credits that study with the following:


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  • Quantity: From € 100 to € 1,000
  • Return period : From 5 days to 30 days
  • Approximate concession time: 10 minutes
  • Free first ?: YES
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES

Requirements : Age between 18 and 80 years. Reside in Nigeria. Be the owner of the bank account in which the money will be deposited. Proof of regular income (payroll, benefits, retirement, self-employed, etc).

Stands out in : Very fast. They offer fast loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and without endorsement. First mini-credit without commissions.

  • Example: € 300 for 30 days would have a cost of 0 euros, thanks to its promotion of free fast first mini-credit (without commissions)

Solcredito is specialized in fast loans that offer tailored solutions for unexpected expenses

Solcredito is a manager with more than five years of experience in the fast credit sector.

This has managed to gain a foothold among the main microcredit search engines by offering an online loan comparison tool that also includes the possibility of requesting our first interest-free loan.

Then we will talk more in depth about everything that Solcredito offers us in its services.

If you wish, you can see online financial entities and other loan managers here.

Suncredit. What do I need to apply for a loan?

Solcredito is a platform that does not offer credit products by itself, but is in charge of advising us in the process, and selecting the best personal loan according to our needs.

Its purpose is that we can have access to the perfect mini-credit, making the whole process easier and simpler.

So when it comes to knowing the requirements of Solcredito, we cannot specify too much. These will vary depending on the results that are more compatible with our profile, depending on the amounts of money we want to request, or if we need a loan with the Nigerian Financial Authority.

However, in the vast majority of financial institutions we find similar requirements, such as:

  • Age from 18 years
  • Reside in Nigeria
  • Have a bank account in our name
  • Proof of regular income

How exactly does it work?

Both for those users who have already requested a quick loan through the Internet, as well as those who are going to request it for the first time, after reading the characteristics and requirements that we can find on platforms such as Solcredito , we see that it is a simple process and affordable to any type of profile.

The service that Solcredito offers us seeks to offer its users the possibility of comparing among the multiple offers of fast loans that we can find today.

In order to find the loan that best suits what we need. That is, Solcredito is not a financial company itself, but is a credit comparer that will be in charge of analyzing and comparing the current offer of mini credits, and according to the data that we have entered in its comparator, select the one that best meets our requirements. requirements as an applicant.

In the search for credits offered by the Solcredito online service, we will be able to see with a few simple clicks the main offer of fast credits of the moment, to be able to compare and choose accordingly. Once we have found what we consider to be the best personal loan that Solcredito offers us, we will be able to send a request to the financier through the page itself, saving both time and money by buying and choosing correctly.

What if I can't repay my loan?

We have already mentioned previously that Solcredito is not a financial institution that offers loan products by itself, but rather a comparison platform that is responsible for analyzing the best loans in the market, to offer us those that best fit what we need.

It is for this reason that it is vitally important that once we have chosen the financial company that offers us the mini-credit we needed, we take care to carefully read our payment obligations, and the consequences of possible non-compliance with these, since each entity proceeds in a different.

However, the most common is that our personal data is included in a file associated with delinquency such as Nigerian Financial Authority, adding a variable percentage to the debt, and taking legal measures to collect the loan.

Solcredito with Nigerian Financial Authority

Within the range of fast loans that Solcredito offers us, we can also find loans with Nigerian Financial Authority , since as we have mentioned before, this entity is in charge of evaluating the total offer of existing mini-credits, to offer us the ideal product for our profile as an applicant.

So if we are interested in the range of loans that Solcredito offers us, all we need is to make sure that we indicate in our application that we are in this situation. Thus, the results offered by this platform will be adequate and compatible with our profile.

A simple process that is responsible for offering us a lot of information so that we can choose a loan correctly, and where, of course, we can also find microcredits in Solcredito being in the Nigerian Financial Authority.

Solcredito mini loans, instant money for whatever you need

In conclusion, once we have arrived here, we can already know how Solcredito works perfectly. Offering us very complete and updated information at the moment in order to find mini-credits instantly .

So if we are interested in applying for any of the Solcredito mini loans that we can find on this platform, we simply have to access its website.

Here we will complete the simple form where we will indicate the amount of money we need, and the time we want to have to return it. So Solcredito will offer us all the options that we can choose from, being the Solcredito mini loans an excellent option to get fast money with total security and with the guarantee that thanks to its comparator we will be able to choose the best credit for us.

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