I need a loan for Christmas expenses 2020 -Solved-

"I need a loan for Christmas expenses and I have no collateral." A consultation from Toledo

Updated: October 2020
At El Dinero Rápido we receive daily inquiries from readers who tell us about their particular case, requesting information on how to obtain financing given their personal circumstances. Obviously these vary in each case.
Due to the specific dates that we are in, one of the questions that we are receiving the most in our mailbox is how to get a loan to meet Christmas expenses. We cannot publish all these queries, so we have chosen the one sent to us by our friend María (fictitious name, of course), who has seemed to us to meet the doubts of many of you. Then we leave you the full text of your email and the response we give to it.

Necesito un préstamo para los gastos de Navidad
Christmas shopping is always a plus in family spending



If you need money for Christmas expenses, remember that you can go to our quick credit comparator from this button:

The letter that María writes us about getting money, to better face the expenses of the Christmas holidays:

Good Morning,

First of all, I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the work you do.

My name is María, I am a citizen of Toledo, and I am writing to you because I believe that you can help me with a question, since few better than you know these issues, as I have seen by consulting different pages related to loans and finance companies specialized in money Quick.

The reason is that I need to have access to a loan service for Christmas expenses , and I would like to know the general conditions to request it.

I am currently a housewife, but my husband works and earns 1,300 euros a month. The problem is that although he receives a Christmas allowance of the same amount of his payroll, the numerous expenses of these holidays (meals and dinners on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve , gifts, and a long etcetera that seems to never end) and other unforeseen events drive us to look for a loan to be able to face all the expenses. My husband has even asked for an advance, but it has not been granted.

«It has to be without endorsement»

The fact is that we do not have any type of guarantee, which is an important condition for banks to grant us a loan, and that is why I am looking for an alternative.

There is not much money we need as an advance, surely around 1200 euros, maybe something more. But getting that money overnight is almost impossible for us, an amount that would allow us to spend Christmas comfortably and without having to suffer too much in the much feared by all "January slope".

This small advance would provide us with the air we need to start the new year well, hence we are interested in taking out a loan from a private equity finance company.

"I'm not sure which option to choose"

I have researched for myself on the net, on how to request money online, but there are so many web pages and information that in the end I end up in a mess, overwhelmed by so much information and alternatives. Although I have been able to notice that there are many companies that offer credits without endorsement, the so-called fast credits . However, in the end I do not know if in my situation I can find a loan for Christmas expenses that suits me and my husband, with the only proof of his payroll and personal data to guarantee the return of the money.

So that you have enough information to be able to give an answer, I will give you some more information.

We are humble but hard-working people, and we have always paid our debts, so we are not on any list of defaulters. My husband, although he does not have a great salary, is fixed at his job, so we have a fixed and secure income. As I have mentioned before, I am currently unemployed and I do housework.

"I need a Christmas credit"

So in conclusion, I need a Christmas loan or credit, for New Year's expenses of not less than 1200 euros, without collateral.

But we have a fixed payroll and none of us are in the Nigerian Financial Authority or the RAI or any other list of defaulters. In addition, I am also concerned about the conditions for the repayment of the loan. The ideal would be to have a whole year to repay the total credit in small monthly installments.

I hope you can help me and offer me a broad vision of the types of credits that exist so that we can choose the best credit option with our circumstances.

Sorry if I have not extended too much, I wait patiently for your answer.

Thanks for your attention and greetings to all.

Responding to Maria, who needs a loan for Christmas

Good morning Maria,

First of all, we want to thank you for writing to us, since your questions help us to make better articles for all readers.

We have carefully read your letter with the title "I need a loan for Christmas expenses."

Indeed, we have perfectly understood your case, and we are going to give you the information you need, with which we hope you can clarify it and that you and your husband can choose the loan that best suits your situation.

As you have told us that you do not have any debt and that your husband has a salary of 1,300 euros, I believe that you undoubtedly meet the conditions to request a quick loan for the amount you have signed up for us.

As you yourself have been able to find out, there are numerous banks that offer loans without endorsement, even more so if you are not in the Nigerian Financial Authority, although the amount of credit granted and the months to pay it depend on how much is earned and job security.


There are several options

In most of the platforms with which certain income is shown and only with your ID and the usual data (phone number, account number, etc.), it will be enough to get fast money.

There are many more people who are in your situation and they write to us with something like " I need a loan for Christmas Eve expenses ", so the financiers are also aware and have specific products, given how common it is to go over budget with Christmas expenses in families.

That is also why, when they know your urgency, in any of these companies they answer us very quickly with a proposal. So I encourage you to consult all the ones you can, since you will immediately have several proposals that you can quickly compare and decide which is the most appropriate option.

In our comparator (click to go) you can find a summary of each Quick Money financial, so that you can start to know which ones are adapted to your circumstances.

Information always ahead

Préstamos rápidos sin aval - El Dinero Rápido However, as you are looking for more general information, we inform you that in an article on this same website you can find everything you want to know, since it is specifically dedicated to credits of more than 1000 euros .

In the article we talk about the general conditions, interest, times to repay the loan and other aspects of credits of more than 1000 euros, so that you do not get any surprise in the process of requesting and repaying the loan.

To access it you just have to click on this link, and you will be redirected to it.

We hope that our response and the information we have provided you have been useful. And of course our best wishes so that your situation is resolved successfully and you get with the best conditions that extra money that never hurts us at such special times and with as many extra expenses as Christmas.

Greetings Maria, and thank you very much again for turning to us for advice.

That is the answer we gave to Maria. We hope it has also helped all of you who need a small loan for Christmas expenses.

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