Credit. Up to 5000 euros even with Nigerian Financial Authority

Creditea offers loans of up to five thousand euros (also with Nigerian Financial Authority)

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Visit the section on all loans or, if this is your case, the loans section with Nigerian Financial Authority

To know what Creditea offers you in its loans , keep reading. Next we will analyze its main characteristics.


  • Amount: From € 500 to € 5,000
  • Return period : From 61 days to 36 months
  • Approximate concession time: 15 minutes
  • First free ?: NO
  • Do you accept Nigerian Financial Authority? : YES

Requirements: from 18 years old. DNI or NIE document. Reside in Nigeria. Bank account number (we have to be holders of it). Proof of income (payroll, unemployment, pension, self-employed).

It stands out in : they offer loans for high amounts of capital with a maximum of 5,000 euros. They don't look at Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI. Fast processing and deposit of the money in fifteen minutes after accepting the request.

  • Example: requesting 4,000 euros to be paid for 12 months will cost you 5,430, 46 euros in total

What does Creditea offer me?

As we have just seen, we have that Creditea is a platform in which we can obtain financing with the following characteristics:

  • Personal loans of € 500 up to € 5,000
  • Accept applications with Nigerian Financial Authority
  • Returns in terms of 61 days up to 36 months
  • Fast, loans in 15 minutes

We will continue to complete the characteristics of the services of this platform.

Credit Nigerian Financial Authority

Credit - With Nigerian Financial Authority

Creditea is an entity that offers us the possibility of obtaining urgent money with the Nigerian Financial Authority . Within its requirements, this characteristic is not exclusive for our request to be accepted.

When it comes to managing our loan application, it will not matter that we have debts associated with delinquency files and therefore, we will be able to enjoy all the advantages that fast loans offer us through the internet without any inconvenience.

This is because both Creditea and the entities specialized in fast loans that operate through the Internet have known how to adapt to the needs of the consumer , offering more versatile loans where our credit history does not matter, that is, that we are in the Nigerian Financial Authority .

Therefore: yes, if we are looking for an entity that offers us fast loans with Nigerian Financial Authority and RAI, Creditea is an option that we must value since it offers us an impeccable credit service through which we will be able to get up to an amount maximum of five thousand euros.

Creditea: management of defaults

Now that we already know each and every one of the main characteristics that we are going to be able to find in Creditea and in its credit service , we are going to know what can happen in the event that we are delayed in the return of any of your monthly payments since such And as we have seen, this financial offers us the possibility of splitting the repayment of our loan in up to a maximum period of 36 months.

It may happen that when the corresponding date to make the payment of one of the monthly payments of our loan arrives, we do not have enough money to pay off the debt.

It is in this case that it is important to know the management of Creditea defaults , through which as we accumulate days of delay in the return of our credit, we will generate a series of commissions for delay that will be added to the total to be returned of our loan. Consequently, they will increase our outstanding debt.

In addition, the delay in the return of our monthly payments in Creditea may cause the entity to communicate the non-payment to debt files such as the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI, generating complications in the future to be able to access financial services again.

How to request a fast credit in Creditea?

Finally, we are going to see how we can request a quick loan at Creditea.

One of the main characteristics that we can find in the financial companies specialized in fast loans through the Internet is the agility in the management of our loan.

This characteristic is in contrast to what we are used to finding in conventional financial institutions where paperwork becomes a constant to access any credit service.

Therefore, when requesting a quick loan at Creditea, we will also be able to enjoy all these advantages in the processing , being able to complete the entire process in just a few minutes.

Start here

The first thing to start with our loan application in Creditea, we have to access their website.

Here we can find a tool that will automatically calculate an approximation of the interest on the loan that we want to request. It is here where we will have to enter both the total amount of money that we want to request in our loan, and the total number of days that we want for its return.

Once we have entered these data, we will see, as we said, that the tool is in charge of automatically calculating an approximation of the interest on the loan.

After this, we will click on the button with the legend "Request it", and we will see an online form appear in which we will have to include our personal data, such as full name, DNI or NIE, address, telephone number, etc.

It is a series of very simple data that we will not take to fill in more than a few minutes, so we will quickly have finished filling in our form, and we will send it.

And to finish

Now we will only have to wait a few minutes for Creditea to verify each and every one of the data that we have included and send us a response informing us if our credit application has been accepted.

As we can see, requesting a quick loan at Creditea is an easy and simple process that we can do entirely from home, without having to invest a large amount of time.

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