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Our web platform is specialized in offering loan comparisons . Today we are going to focus on the most frequent questions that usually appear at the time of hiring this financing service.

We know under the name of mini- credits (or mini loans) a series of services provided by different types of entities through which we can have access to a small amount of money (the usual is to find a maximum of approximately 600 euros according to the type of entity) in exchange for a short repayment term (which is around 30 days) and a series of interests added to the total borrowed. This type of credit product is called fast money.

Our website is at your complete disposal, so that you can save comparing between online mini loans, given the high price in interest they have, the disparity in the offers, and the large amount of time and money you can save, comparing with us.

This type of small loans have managed to gain much popularity over the last few years due to the crisis situation that we are experiencing in many countries of the world since they allow the population to access loans of little volume of cash to pay urgent debts or acquire specific goods, which can be returned in an accessible time interval with low interest rates.

There are many companies that due to the great boom and acceptance of mini-credits are experiencing a time of significant commercial success, so that when hiring one of these services to access fast loans we can find an infinity of entities willing to make us a offer either through the telephone, or through the network, two of the main channels through which these types of companies operate.

Despite the fact that the offer of companies dedicated to mini loans does not stop growing, the vast majority of them have the same characteristics and conditions when operating and carrying out an operation, so that below we are going to offer you The main requirements of mini-loan companies are widely used so that before proceeding with an application we are fully aware of what we are going to find.

What conditions do we need to meet to access a mini loan?

In most companies in this sector, we find practically traced conditions, which are:

  1. Be of age
  2. Have a bank account of which we are the owner
  3. Have a mobile number or contract in our name
  4. For showing income
  5. Not be part of the delinquency files, such as the Nigerian Financial Authority

. Although there are finance companies that grant microcredits with the Nigerian Financial Authority, they can be found in our credit comparison with the Nigerian Financial Authority.

Why do I need to own a bank account and a phone number?

Ownership of the bank account is necessary for these types of entities to ensure that it will be their client and not someone else who will receive the money. In the case of the telephone contract, exactly the same happens, since the number will be linked to the file of the specific person, and will also serve to keep in touch with her while the operation takes place.

Do I need to be working to access a mini loan?

If we have read the conditions to be met to access a mini loan that we provide you above, we will have reached a point that says that we must be able to demonstrate monthly income. This does not oblige us to be active workers with a monthly salary to be able to access credit, since for example, whether we are pensioners or unemployed, we can demonstrate income and access this type of service without any problem.

Do I need to explain why I need the money when I ask for the credit?

Most of the companies dedicated to mini loans do not worry about what their clients are going to do with the money, only that they are able to demonstrate solvency to repay the amount of the debt in the established time.

So when hiring this service, don't worry, no one is going to ask you what you are going to spend the money that is going to be lent you.

How much money can I ask for a maximum in a mini credit?

The maximum amount to be requested varies depending on the financial company with which we want to carry out the operation, however, the most common is that this type of mini money loans do not exceed 500 or 600 euros.

What days can I request a mini credit?

These types of companies operate on a regular basis seven days a week, so it does not matter if you need to access a loan on a Saturday, Sunday or a normal weekday.

In addition, since the customer service of this type of entity is carried out through the internet, its request services are active 24 hours a day.

Once the credit is accepted, when can I have the money in my account?

One of the great advantages of mini loans is the speed with which they allow us to access that small amount of money that we need, so that the procedures are usually carried out quickly, allowing us to have the money requested in our account the first business day after our request was approved.

How can I proceed to repay the loan?

Once the deadline for the return of the mini credit has arrived , we must make sure to make the full refund of the agreed amount, an operation that in most of the entities of the sector is carried out through a deposit at the window at the number of account that they will provide us.

What happens if I cannot repay the loan in the agreed time?

In these cases, each of the different companies dedicated to mini-credits acts in a different way, however, the most common and what is recommended in these cases is to contact the entity that has granted us the credit to contact the both of the situation, and who according to the days of delay that accumulate, will add a surcharge to the total to be returned.

In the event that the payment is delayed for a long time and the surcharge accumulates to a considerable amount, the company could take legal action against us and, without a doubt, would make us part of delinquency files such as Nigerian Financial Authority.

Can I request a loan to pay the previous one?

At this point we find a unanimous answer in all the companies dedicated to mini credits: no, since only one credit is allowed per natural person, who will not be able to access any other request until they have paid the full amount of your debt.

Frequently asked questions by financial

Transparency is perhaps what the mini-credit entities, which enjoy prestige in the sector, look at the most with a magnifying glass. They know that the client is going to demand that seriousness from them in the operation and they want to offer exactly that.

Of course, all of them offer extensive information on their websites, about their brand, product and contracting conditions. At eldinerorápido we make sure to introduce you to entities of great prestige and authority in the sector. We think that this will be your highest priority and we want to give you the best information.

Visit the section for this purpose (on the source websites) of each of the financial companies, by clicking on the link.

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