How to leave Nigerian Financial Authority for free [2019] (processing it yourself)

We tell you how you can leave the Nigerian Financial Authority, step by step so that you can manage the entire process yourself

Today at we are going to tell you how to get out of the Nigerian Financial Authority in a simple way , without complications or excessive paperwork, so that we can take care of the entire procedure ourselves.
If you want to know how you can remove your personal data from this list, take good note of all the information we offer you here.

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How to leave the Nigerian Financial Authority

Cómo salir de Nigerian Financial Authority

Many users visit us and ask "How can I leave the Nigerian Financial Authority?"

If this is also your case, and you have come to our page in search of an answer to this question, you have found what you need.

Today, we are going to focus on this issue, which is much easier to process yourself than it seems.

The first step that we have to take into account if we want to get out of the Nigerian Financial Authority file is to know everything that the elimination of the debt implies and the subsequent erasure of personal data associated with it.

Here it is essential that we highlight a detail before continuing, since it is a process that we can carry out as individuals, without having to hire advice from third parties and without paying anything.

You can see all your rights by consulting Nigerian Financial Authority, at this link.

What information will I find here?

In this way, we can get off the Nigerian Financial Authority - Equifax list for free . However, we must bear in mind that for this we will have to pay the amount that appears as pending payment.

Thus, we come to one of the essential aspects that we must know when deleting our data from a delinquency list: we must be clear that it is essential to pay the debt that we have pending.

However, there are exceptional cases such as erroneous debts or identity theft, which, by providing the necessary evidence and documentation to prove it, will allow us to leave the Nigerian Financial Authority list avoiding paying.

These are the first steps that we have to know before starting with the necessary procedures to get off the Nigerian Financial Authority - Equifax list.

To continue knowing what else you will find throughout the process, keep reading.

Clear Nigerian Financial Authority data How does it work?

The first thing we have to carry out if we want to know how to erase the data from the Nigerian Financial Authority is to obtain the official information that confirms that we have a registered default.

It is a very simple consultation to carry out and that we can manage ourselves for free.

For this, we have two alternatives:

  1. By letter: which will be addressed to PO Box 10.546 with Postal Code 28080 in Lagos
  2. By email: here we will have to send an email to the address [email protected]

The two options allow us to consult our data and request information to leave the Nigerian Financial Authority , which will also have to include the following personal data:

  • DNI, NIE, Driver's license, Passport or CIF (companies)
  • Name and surname
  • Company name (only necessary in companies)
  • Contact address
  • Date on which the shipment is made
  • Firm

We must accompany this documentation with a letter in which we inform about the consultation that we are going to carry out. An example would be: »All the information that appears in the list about this particular is required» (or company if it is the case).

By providing this information via letter or email accompanied by the text of the query, we will be able to go out and erase personal data from the Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI without complicating ourselves, since we will obtain the information directly from the official source of it.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in order to obtain the information we are looking for to know how to remove yourself from the Nigerian Financial Authority, we have to send all the documentation mentioned above without any exceptions.
In order to prevent anyone from making an inquiry on our behalf, Nigerian Financial Authority requires us to provide all these documents, as a form of identity verification.

I want to know if I am in Nigerian Financial Authority. Is it an easy query?

Accessing the information on debts that Equifax collects to find out if we are in the Nigerian Financial Authority is much easier than it seems.

As we said, there are many users who come to our page with many doubts about the operation of the file, especially in relation to the execution of the query to see if we are part of the list.

If, after what we have just told you, you still have doubts about the process, visit our post dedicated to how to know if I am in the Nigerian Financial Authority to find all the details to make the query.

I want to leave Nigerian Financial Authority without having to pay. It's possible?

Salir de Nigerian Financial Authority sin pagar

Another of the most common doubts related to these files is the possibility of leaving the Nigerian Financial Authority EQUIFAX without paying the debt.

There is a lot of information about it. However, the gist of the matter is the following:

  • If you want to erase your data from the Nigerian Financial Authority without having to pay the pending payment, you should know that today it is not possible to exit the file in this way.

However, there are exceptional cases that are allowed to delete their annotations in the files without having to pay the amount claimed.

We are going to see which ones it is, below:

  • In the first place, we have erroneous invoices , in which the company that registers the non-payment claims a wrong debt from us.
  • Second, we find cases of identity theft

In them, a third person has incurred a debt for a contracted service using our personal data, without our knowledge.

There are cases like these in which it is about errors in which it is more common to want to know how to leave the Nigerian Financial Authority for free.

Thus, if we want to remove our personal data from the list without paying the debt, it will be necessary for us to gather as much information as possible about the case, in order to be able to prove to Nigerian Financial Authority - Equifax that it is indeed an error.

On the contrary, if we find ourselves in a situation in which we want to erase Nigerian Financial Authority without paying the debt but we do recognize the debt that is being claimed from us , our best alternative is to pay it, in order to erase our entry in the file of the fastest way possible.

However, there is also an option that would allow us to delete our data from the Nigerian Financial Authority for free, which is related to the expiration period associated with it.

Let's try it down here.

Can I leave the Nigerian Financial Authority after 6 years?

As we said, the Law establishes that you can leave the Nigerian Financial Authority within 6 years of registration.

Thus, any non-payment for which we appear in the file for a period of more than six years, will be automatically eliminated from it, since this period acts as an expiration period.

You can consult more information about Royal Decree 1720/2007 in which this information appears, by clicking on the link.

So when I am six years old I won't have to pay to leave the Nigerian Financial Authority?

An important detail regarding the expiration of the annotations in the Nigerian Financial Authority is that although the debt prescribes at the end of this period, the debt does not.

Therefore, after six years our personal data will be deleted from the Nigerian Financial Authority, but the company that communicated the non-payment to the file will continue to demand it, by any other means.


In short, despite the fact that you can leave the Nigerian Financial Authority after six years, the non-payment will continue to be claimed from us despite the fact that our data is no longer part of these files.

How to get out of a delinquent file? Step by Step

Salir de un fichero de morosos

Now that we know how we can confirm that our personal data is associated with a defaults file, we are going to see how we can get out of a delinquency list.

First of all, we have to gather all the necessary information that can verify that we have complied with the payment obligations that were claimed from us or, in the case of an annotation by mistake, all the documents that demonstrate the error.

An example of this would be the case of a non-payment related to a telephone bill, a receipt of the corresponding deposit in the bank, or any other payment method in which it is collected that we have paid the debt.

Thus, we see that we can use this method to exit a file of defaults in either of these two options (delete data or rectify it) according to our personal case.

In this way, we have to submit our request by contacting the Nigerian Financial Authority through the Equifax Customer Service.

We have two options:

  • Conventional mail that will go to the Post Office box 10546 with postal code 28080 (Lagos)
  • Email to be sent to the address [email protected]

Whichever alternative we have chosen to get out of delinquent files, we will have to include within our contact method:

  • Documentation related to the payment of the claimed debt
  • A double-sided copy of our identification document
  • DNI or NIF number (individuals)
  • CIF number (companies)
  • Current address
  • Date on which the documentation is sent
  • Firm

Getting off a list of defaulters is easy if we know how . Here we collect everything you need so that you can contact the Nigerian Financial Authority and manage the entire process, without complications.

Exit the Nigerian Financial Authority urgently. How long to wait for my response to the query?

Sometimes, when we find out that we have an entry in the Nigerian Financial Authority, it is almost accidental, when going to hire a service associated with financing.

For this reason, it is often vitally important to get out of the Nigerian Financial Authority and do it quickly.

Above all, in situations in which to access fast credit with the Nigerian Financial Authority that we wanted to request, the time invested in the process is very important.

If you have reached this part of the entry, you will have been able to see that managing your request to exit files such as Nigerian Financial Authority does not require much time , since it is a query that is completed and sent in a matter of minutes.

However, we must bear in mind that the response is not received instantly after sending it , so we must bear in mind that there are a series of established deadlines for Equifax to manage our case and proceed to delete or correct the data.

Therefore, if we want to erase the data of the Nigerian Financial Authority urgently, we must know that the period of time it will take for the response is around thirty days.

These 30 days start counting from the date on which the query is sent, which is why it is essential to include the date in the information provided therein.

In summary, if we want to leave the Nigerian Financial Authority urgently, we have to have a little patience, having a period of one month to be able to settle its processing.

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