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Are you looking for financing in "physical" loan financial institutions or online financial institutions? We can help you

On our page you will be able to find the main credit financial institutions 2019 along with their characteristics and key points . We help you search, compare and find what you need.

This is the selection of platforms that we offer you:

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| Viaconto | Dineo | Vivus | Younited Credit | Credit | Zaplo | Cashper |

If you want to process your microcredit in online loan finance companies (online)

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Credits with Nigerian Financial Authority | Credit up to 300 euros | Credit of 500 euros | Credit 700 euros | Credit of 1000 euros or more

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If you want to look for financial credits in a physical office

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Two alternatives to choose from

If you are in a hurry and are thinking "I need money urgently" we recommend the option of processing your credit online, to get it today.

If you have some time, you can visit credit professionals and negotiate in person.

Both options are valid. Our job is to inform you, but you decide which is the one that best suits you.

What are the online financial companies that we can find?

At the moment when we are interested in knowing who is lending money , we have to start investigating what credit products are currently offered to us by each company .

Therefore, it is advisable to make a comparison of all the types of mini loans that are on the market. We can do this by keeping in mind which are the loan companies that work in Nigeria .

On this page you will have already been able to consult the selection of financial companies that we highlight, which we name you along with their strengths so that you can access all the relevant information about them. Our comparator allows us to locate the offer that best suits our profile, at a glance.

Encuentra con nosotros las mejores financieras online
Find with us the best online financial companies

And why are these private financial entities so important?

It is nothing new to say that in Nigeria we are not going through the best economic, labor and social times in history.

The 2008 crisis brought many consequences behind them: from the inclusion of personal data in delinquency files such as the Nigerian Financial Authority, to a significant job insecurity, or to reducing the quality of employment contracts, among other things .

All this has obviously had an influence on the population. Since something as common as going to a bank for a financial loan to pay for a vacation, or the entry of a car, etc. is now impossible for many people.

What is this about?

The bank requirements to obtain such a loan have become very demanding. And if your data is in the Nigerian Financial Authority, it is almost an impossible mission.

For this reason, private credit financial entities, such as the ones we have mentioned above, have been gaining strength in our country. Because their requirements are not so strict and some of them have understood that being in the Nigerian Financial Authority does not have to be an exclusion feature when granting a quick money product.

Of course, not everything is rosy in the world of these private entities.

It is clear that they offer more alternatives than conventional media, but they also charge for it . That is, mini-credits and fast online loans are more expensive -as a general rule- than those to which we were used.

What are the requirements that are usually asked by loan companies?

Not all entities demand the same requirements from their clients and users when granting them one of their credit products. However, there are usually some characteristics that are quite common among all entities such as:

  • Be of age
  • Have fixed residence in Nigeria
  • Possess the official and valid identification documents (DNI, NIE or passport)
  • Be holders of a bank account
  • Have an email account
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Have demonstrable fixed income: be it a payroll, a pension, etc.

In other more particular cases, more requirements are also required, such as:

  • Have access to the online banking of your bank
  • In case of being in Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI that the nature of it is not due to defaults to other financial companies or banks
  • In case of being in a delinquency file that the debt does not exceed "X" money
Consigue tus productos crediticios con las financieras de préstamos
Get your credit products with loan finance companies

What are financial credits used for?

Today, financial loans or any type of quick product is contracted for any matter that requires liquidity that the user lacks at that time.

Very diverse inquiries arrive to our email such as:

  • A user needs money to buy a car
  • Who need money to go on vacation
  • Christmas is approaching and they want to be able to do some good Reyes shopping
  • They want to pay the wedding expenses
  • To start a small business
  • Because they need to do reforms at home
  • etc.

When requesting the mini-loan with the private financial entity that has been chosen, it will not ask you the purpose for which you need the money. You just need to know that your financial solvency is enough to take care of the return of the borrowed money (and its commissions).

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