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Tools that will advise you when applying for your credit or loan

On this page we offer you a collection of useful financial tools with which to choose the best financial option.

Do you want to compare between different loan offers? Do you need to calculate the APR of your credit? Here you will be able to find utilities that will help you clear up your doubts.

Information: your best ally

Asking for a loan, a mortgage or a credit card and deciding which is the offer that interests us the most is today accessible to anyone. And is that, hiring any service that is related to finance is much easier than a few years ago due to all the options that the Internet provides us.

This is because we are in the information age, where just a few clicks away we can access a large amount of information.

With these tools we will be able to make finances simpler and more affordable , since they help us to calculate and know all the interests that the contracted service will have.

So if asking for a loan seems complicated, with the following collection of tools you will be able to find information that will help you simplify and understand each step of the process. Of course, these are utilities whose consultation is 100% free.

We start with one of the most important aspects when hiring any service associated with credit and that answers the most common question among our users: «What loan should I request?

To answer it, we offer you various alternatives to choose from in order to find what we need.

Herramientas de finanzas


With the utilities to compare credits we can locate a selection with the most outstanding offers in the sector, with all their essential information presented in a summarized way.

In this way, we can quickly see what options we have and decide, according to their characteristics, which one best meets our needs.

We could say that they work as a summary that saves us time since it prevents us from having to go web by web looking for information. In addition, we can find specialized comparators in practically any type of loan that exists in the market.

Here below we will talk about each one of them separately.

Loan comparator

Through this loan comparison tool we have access, as we told you before, to various financing offers.

Essential information is collected to be able to decide if the service interests us. With data such as the amount of total capital granted, the repayment period, its requirements as well as whether it is compatible with applications with arrears.

If you want to see a wide range of credits, this is the tool you need.

Loan comparison with Nigerian Financial Authority

This other comparison tool is specialized in offering a comparison that only includes financial platforms that accept applications with the Nigerian Financial Authority.

As in the previous case, it offers information regarding the characteristics of each platform along with their requirements.

Quick credit comparator

If you want to compare between fast loan entities we also have a specific tool.

It is a comparator in which offers are collected from platforms that grant loans for amounts exceeding a thousand euros. These exceed the average that we are used to having within the sector (three hundred euros).

Quick credit comparison with Nigerian Financial Authority

As in the previous case, it is a tool with which we can access platforms that offer fast financing but with the characteristic of also accepting profiles that have outstanding debts.

Thus, if we are looking for loans that can be compatible with annotations within non-payment files such as Nigerian Financial Authority or RAI (among others), it is an essential page to find the service to suit us.

Mini-credit comparator

If what you are looking for is to find out about the various existing alternatives within the platforms that offer smaller amounts of capital (more or less up to a maximum of one thousand euros), consult the mini-loan comparison tool.

Here you will be able to find from platforms that do not have a minimum to hire entities that will offer you the first request without paying commissions.

Mini-loan comparison with Nigerian Financial Authority

Lastly, we have a mini loan comparer with Nigerian Financial Authority.

In it we can see within the sector of financing for small amounts which are the platforms that offer mini loans without taking into account annotations within defaults files.

More tools of your interest

Our selection of tools to help you apply for services associated with financing does not end here.

We also offer you support links through which we will be able to calculate interest and know the cost of repaying the credit that interests us in a certain number of months.

Keep reading to know more.

I want to calculate the APR

If you want to know this information, the Bank of Nigeria offers you a calculator with which to obtain this information, both in loans and deposits.

Visit the links to learn more: calculate APR of a loan and calculate APR of a savings product .

Including the grace period

You can also calculate your credit (both personal and mortgage) taking into account the grace period.

With early repayment

Would you like to calculate the total to pay or the repayment term with a partial amortization? You need this tool .

Interest calculator

Finally, we have a tool that will help us to know the real cost of our credit, since it helps us to know the amount to which the commissions will amount.

It is the tool for calculating effective interest.

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