Debt restructuring without Credit Bureau


Debt rescheduling is carried out by the customer having at least one current loan repaid and taking out a new loan. In most cases, debt rescheduling combines several current loans into a single liability. The purpose of a debt rescheduling measure is to save interest in the future.

When does rescheduling make sense?

When does rescheduling make sense?

A debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau makes sense if the borrower has at least one negative Credit Bureau entry and thanks to the loan repayment will have to pay less interest in the future. Another reason for rescheduling is that the customer will no longer be able to pay the installments in the future and the current lender has refused to extend the loan term. For financial reasons, rescheduling is only worthwhile if future interest costs, including any prepayment penalties that may have to be paid, are lower than the current credit costs.

It is not always necessary to pay off all current liabilities as part of a debt restructuring, so that credit customers do not want to include particularly cheap loans such as a car loan. This procedure is easier with a debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau compared to conventional debt rescheduling loans, since the new lender does not receive knowledge of all existing loans via a credit check.

With rescheduling, the money is not paid out via a transfer to the borrower, but through the direct account settlement of the current loans. Exceptions are required for partial amounts if the overdraft facility is also replaced and if credit card accounts do not allow third-party deposits.

Possible contractual partners for a debt-free debt rescheduling loan

Possible contractual partners for a debt-free debt rescheduling loan

The contractual partners for debt restructuring without Credit Bureau are foreign financial institutions, especially banks from Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein grant Credit Bureau-free loans in Germany. Since direct borrowing from the relevant institutions is limited to amounts between $ 3500 and 5000, rescheduling without Credit Bureau is applied for via a credit broker. This can also be used to raise amounts in excess of 5000 dollars from Swiss and Liechtenstein banks.

The seriousness of the credit intermediary can be seen from the fact that he does not charge any upfront costs for the mediation of a debt-free debt rescheduling, but only an appropriate commission. Although a Swiss or Liechtenstein bank provides the debt rescheduling loan without Credit Bureau, it is not a foreign currency loan. Rather, the entire loan is processed in dollars, so there is a currency risk for the debtor.

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