Economists with doctorates earn 86% more



BERLIN, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – INOMICS – the career and education site for economists – has published the latest edition of its annual report, which examines the salaries of economists around the world. Based on anonymous survey data from nearly 1,500 economists, the INOMICS 2020/21 salary report answers questions such as where economists make the most money, whether doing a doctorate is a worthwhile financial investment, and sure gender pay gap in economics. It also includes testimonials on how the pandemic has affected the working lives of economists.

The main findings of the INOMICS salary report are as follows:

1) Doctorates – Having a doctorate always counts. We have found that globally, economists with a doctorate earn on average 86% more than those with “just” a master’s degree.

2) COVID-19 – More than a third of economists have seen their current jobs or career progression negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The effects hit the South disproportionately, with 60% of economists in Africa and 58% in South Asia saying they are professionally affected by the pandemic, compared to only 23% in North America and just 17% in Western Europe and in Scandinavia.

3) Gender – Male economists earn on average 27% more than their female counterparts. The data indicates that in most regions this is the result of a “glass ceiling” and a “leaky pipeline”, rather than a pay gap between male and female economists at the same. career stage.

4) Pay – The United States is still the most lucrative labor market for economists in the world. Annual salaries here – across industries – exceed those available anywhere else.
The full report is available for download from the INOMICS website:

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