PV Sindhu denounces sexism in pay gap in Indian sport, gives two reasons



With continued debate that there is a disparity in sport with claims that men make more money than women, PV Sindhu completely dismisses these claims of sexism. In most sports Indian men are generally paid more than women, but badminton is not. Here is also a look at Sindhu’s net income alongside Kidambi Srikanth to prove Sindhu’s point of view.

PV Sindhu explains why she doesn’t think there is gender pay gap in Indian sport

PV Sindhu seems to believe that an athlete’s salary is directly related to his popularity among fans and the revenue they can generate for the company or organization. She started the interview with XP men explaining that she had never faced such a problem in her career and that she always considered men and women to be equal in sport in India. While explaining the pay gap, she said that athletes ‘salaries are determined on the basis of athletes’ accomplishments and their performance in sport.

However, she insisted on adding that this may not be enough to decide how much to pay. She added that another reason for the pay disparity could be the sponsorships and advertising that athletes receive. While explaining his point of view, Sindhu said that when it comes to getting sponsors and advertisements, it completely depends on how popular the player is with fans. The revenue from endorsement deals undoubtedly makes a huge difference, as players often receive more money from these deals than they earn on the pitch.

Comparison of Net worth of Kidambi Srikanth and PV Sindhu

Sources say PV Sindhu is one of the highest paid female athletes in the world. PV Sindhu’s net worth is said to be $ 10 million. Most of PV Sindhu’s net worth can be attributed to his whopping $ 5.5 million salary. In contrast, Kidambi Srikanth’s net worth is said to be $ 5 million. The wealth gap between Sindhu and Srikanth seems to suggest Sindhu’s argument that income from sports depends not only on an individual’s success in the given sport, but also on his popularity with fans.

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