West Ham United releases gender pay report



West Ham United today released its annual gender pay report which shows the average gender pay gap when male first team players, management and coaches are removed is -32 , 17%, an improvement of 19% since our last report, in March 2019 before the global pandemic.

This figure is much more favorable than the national wage gap of 15.5%. When male first-team players are included in the calculation, the average wage gap is 78%, which is a 10% improvement since our last post and the median wage gap is -6.40 in favor of women.

It is important to note that the Club pays equal pay for men and women performing equal duties. Categorically, men and women doing the same work are paid the same rate of pay.

In addition, West Ham United has paid the equivalent of the London Living Wage to all permanent full-time and part-time staff since June 2015 and became a London Living Wage accredited employer in December 2017.

In recognition of the good work the club is currently undertaking, it was awarded the Premier League’s advanced level of equality standard in December 2020 and has pledged to abide by the Football Association’s Diversity Code.

The Club has worked hard to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and has introduced mentoring for female staff, set up a staff equality forum, and train and develop all staff at various ways on the importance of EDI, especially in the area of ​​male alliance.

The average bonus pay gap is 23% and the median is 60%. Both fell significantly, dropping by 85% and 96% respectively. The number of women in the first and second quartiles both increased from 4% to 14.75% and to 35.77% in retrospect.

When you remove the male coaching and player staff, the average gender pay gap is -32.17%, the average bonus pay gap is -364.75% in favor of women and 66 % of female staff are in the first two quartiles.

More than three-quarters of the Club’s payroll is spent on less than 15% of the base squad who are all male first-team players. Due to the market-determined wages for male soccer players and the wages for male soccer executives, the gender pay gap figures are skewed and therefore not an accurate representation – the average pay gap is 78% when these figures are not suppressed.

Commenting on the report, West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady said: succeed and lead their own careers. West Ham United is an organization that puts equality at the heart of everything it does, and we are clear that men and women doing the same job will always receive the same rate of pay while working at the Club.


All staff, including players
(2019 figures in brackets)

Average gender pay gap

78.10% (85.1%)

Median gender pay gap

-6.40% (20.6%)

Average gender pay gap

23.53% (30.4%)

Median gender pay gap

60% (-100.00%)

Proportion of men and women receiving bonuses


6.45% (22.3%)


5.98% (4.72%)

Proportion of men and women in each quartile



1st quartile

85.25% (88.3%)

14.75% (11.7%)

2sd quartile

64.23% (74.6%)

35.77% (25.4%)

3rd quartile

78.05% (59.3%)

21.95% (40.7%)

4e quartile

77.24% (68.6%)

22.76% (31.3%)

Figures correct as of April 2020


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