Women now pay more than men on average at Cardiff council

The ‘great progress’ in closing the gender pay gap has been hailed as the average average salary for women is now higher than for men on Cardiff council. Female council staff are being paid 50p more than male staff on the average hourly rate – the first time women on average have been paid more than men on the council.

But according to the median hourly rate, another kind of average, men are paid 90p more than women. Reasons for the narrowing pay gap include fewer female staff in lower paid roles, more severance claims and less use of wage sacrifice schemes.

At a cabinet meeting, council leader Huw Thomas said: “It’s hugely positive news that the gender pay gap is growing. There is still work to be done on the median. But it is certainly another important step in the right direction. Hopefully some of the measures that have been put in place or strengthened over the past five years, around women’s mentoring and networking, can help women move further into higher paying roles that will also close this median gap. It’s really good to see.

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Male council staff are paid an average hourly rate of £15.33 and female staff are paid £15.83. Using the median hourly rate, male staff are paid £14.11 and female staff £13.21. The figures were revealed in the council’s annual salary policy report.

Average averages are calculated by adding each employee’s hourly rate and dividing the total by the number of employees. Median averages are calculated by lining up each employee’s hourly rates from lowest to highest and choosing the exact middle rate.

Councilor Chris Weaver, Cabinet Member for Finance, said: “This year is the first year that the average amount of pay men and women receive, women actually receive more than men. In terms of the median, however, it still shows slightly higher median salaries for men than for women on the board. What this suggests is that we are very close to parity between the different ranks between men and women and that for the first time we have seen the pay gap work in a different way.

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